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Kokoso Coconut Oil Review

I have always used either Sudocrem Care and Protect or Bepanthen on my daughter during a nappy change. I didn’t know that any other options existed really. After following one of my favourate mum boss brands on Instagram, the ladies behind the amazing changing bag brand ‘Tiba + Marl’ I heard about Kokoso. I believe they posted about it in a early post, it immediately piqued my interest.

I followed Kokoso on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about the brand. It was then that I was then very lucky to win one of their ‘freebie Friday’ competitions and got this huge pot. Yay! I was very happy, that was at least 6 months ago now and I’ve barely made a dent in the tub.

My first thoughts where:

* It smells so good!

* Whoa the pot is huge! It’s going to last a long time, but oh no it’s a little too big to carry around in my changing bag.

* Ooh I love that it has multiple uses!

As you can see my initial thoughts were good and I’m happy to announce that since I’ve got this, Kokoso have released smaller pots. They are perfect for changing bags, yay!

I don’t use this product at every single nappy change as I sometimes use a tiny bit of talc and it depends where I’m changing her. This stuff is amazing, if her bum is ever red I put a small amount of this on and by the next nappy change its considerably better if not gone. It works so fast! It is my favourite product to use on her bum and I wouldn’t buy anything else now. The price is £7.99 for 168g and £5.49 for 84g. Due to its multi uses it’s definitely worth the money and more. 

My favourite aspect of this product is that is has multiple uses. It can be used on the scalp to treat cradle cap. It can be used on mummy as well as a fab hair mask. It can be used as a massage oil. A nipple moisturiser, the list goes on. 

To use it I get a very small amount on my hand smaller than a pea and as it warms up it quickly changes from a solid into a liquid to gently pat on the skin. It is pure coconut oil and organic so it is very gentle on the skin. 

Kokoso won a silver Loved By Parents award in 2015 for best organic baby product and it is available to buy here from Boots


2 thoughts on “Kokoso Coconut Oil Review

  1. Oooh think I will give this a try. I use bepanthem but it hasn’t really helped the last couple of times. He doesn’t get a sore bum often though. So this is super handy if it can be used for lots of different things. Would be interested to see if it works on cradle cap.

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    1. I definitely recommend it. I’ve read a couple of reviews that have said it worked on cradle cap for them. I just use a tiny amount on her bum but it feels like more than enough X


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