My Favourite Mama Merch

 If you follow me on social media then you will know that I love my mama merch. Basically anything with the words ‘mother’ or ‘mama’ emblazoned across it then you can count me in. I don’t wear it to let other people know that I’m a mother as i show off and peacock around. I’m sure that strangers can gather that I’m a mother due to the fact that I’m pushing a pram and that I have talc stained knees. I wear mama merch as it makes me happy inside. I know that I am not alone and that I am part of a team. I love clothing that isn’t always on the high street and is part of a small niche. If I spot someone else with it I instantly go over and start talking about it. It feels like a secret handshake of sorts, a unsaid mutual understanding and respect. Here is a small list of my favourate mama merch brands:

  1.  Selfish Mother is such a special brand because money from each item sold goes to a charity to help other mothers. Selfish Mother was founded by Molly who still runs the awesome website blogzine. A place where mothers can connect and share stories with each other. The online store sells my personal favourite ‘Mother’ jumper! It’s available in lots colours and I have the new grey and white one. It’s £45 and £15 of the sale of it goes to the Women for Women International charity. This charity helps women in war-torn places rebuild their lives through training programs. Other awesome merch includes tshirts for all the family and a brand new mother book which is next on my list. A compilation of stories written by other mothers and there is a lot of Insta famous names i see in the contents, so exciting. I also love the ‘Winging It’ tees a mothers daily motto to get through another day. I find myself winging it most days. Don’t let my Instagram fool you I have no idea what I’m doing. Selfish Mother is getting a lot of momentum lately and is now available to buy in John Lewis! Yay! Well done Molly. Up to March 2016 £100,000 has been donated to a small group of selected charities and I’m glad to be a part of it. I also own a mother tee and the Maverick jumper so most days you will find me wearing SM. Buy here
  2. YesMum, I get a lot of compliments on my YesMum cards and when I point people to a London Hypnobirthing website to buy them they question if it’s the correct link. Yes it is. The Yes Mum is founded by Hollie a Hypnobirthing practitoner and celeb birth coach. The yes mum cards are a pack of 31 cards each with a different positive statement on. Most days I pick a random one out and it helps keep my mindset focused for the day ahead. Whether that be a day stuck in doing housework with a boisterous toddler climbing the walls or a day out meeting friends at playgroups. I find myself being quite negative and I want to change this, I have suffered from depression in the past. I came off the medication when I was pregnant and on some of my down days I question whether it’s back and I need them again. I do get easily stressed and dwell on things that I can’t change, so a written reminder of me to let go of what I can’t change helps to shift my negative mindset into something better for the day. These cards give me the boost that I need and are a reminder to keep my chin up and do my best. A whole range of cards are now available so if you are a mum to be, a mum boss, a child or basically any kind human then there is a pack for you. Buy here
  3. Mere Soeur is blowing up right now! Carrie Anne is a awesome Instamama who sells very cool merch from her very own bedroom. She is a fellow breastfeeding mama so she instantly gets my respect. I own the Mother badge which is super cute and looks great on my jacket lapel. I definitely need some more Mere Soeur merch in my life! I love her t-shirts sporting the ‘Strong Mother’ logo and ‘Raising the Future’ I’m also coveting the Strong Mother travel cup for caffeine on the go, definitely a mama must have. A lot of her t-shirts have just been restocked into her shiny new webstore. I suspect that they will sell out quick so I recommend getting one now if you want one. If Zoe – Dress Like A Mum wears one then you can guarantee that’s it’s cool. Buy here
  4. The Fourth Trimester Magazine, is a brand new bi-annual independent magazine created by Amy. I love reading but as a parent a rarely find the time, gone are the days where I could read nearly a full book in one day. That’s why I love magazines you can pick it up and read any page. This is honestly my best mag that I’ve ever read. It’s honest, funny and I can relate to it in so many ways. This mag doesn’t gloss over or ignore stuff like the high street mags do. As a first time mother there are a lot of things that no one mentions until afterwards that I would have liked to have known about. We want to be clued up for leaking breasts and cuts and stitches down there. It has stories from fellow breastfeeding mamas and articles on baby wearing something that you don’t see in the high street mags. I have since passed my copy onto a friend to enjoy. It’s currently sold out in physical copies but the digital download is still available for £2. The new issue no.2 is out next month and I can’t wait. The founder Amy has recently released a Mama logo t-shirt which is amazing and selling out fast I believe. I definitely want one of these awesome tees to add to my collection. Buy here

So that’s the round up of my fav mama merch. Let me know if you pick anything up or if there is any mama merch out there that you love and can point me towards. – Jodie X 


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