Free or cheap ways to entertain your toddler 

Visit your local library £0-£2.50 – Luckily I live very close to mine and it’s also a children’s centre. This means that there is usually always stuff going on but I don’t know for how much longer due to the recent council budget cuts. Anyway for the time being they have a number of groups on suitable from 0+ and some of them are free. I usually go to a free group called Rhyme Time (30 mins), here they read nursery rhymes out to the group and sing. Sophia is abit too young to fully enjoy it yet and usually just runs around off into the book area but it’s no problem. It’s a child friendly area and I keep an eye on her. She usually likes to join in with the bubbles and musical instruments at the end. I also go to a coffee morning group (1 hr) for £1. They have lots of toys out, make toast and have juice available (funnily enough no coffee anymore due to health and safety). I love this group as I get to sit and chat to other mums. I used to attend a free breastfeeding support group (1 hour) here as well but it since clashes with another group that I attend. If your library doesn’t have kids groups on then no biggie it’s still fun to go and pick out some new books to read. Kids love new books and they would probably enjoy picking out their own. Also it’s free as long as you remember to bring the books back on time.   

Church group £1 – These are great as they are usually free or very cheap. I’ve been to a local one and it was £1 for 1.5hrs. The adults got a brew and a biscuit whilst the children got some juice and a biscuit. They had lots of toys out suitable for all ages. They had a separate craft area for the older kids, each week they have a church themed craft followed by a story and songs. Some church groups are quite popular and have a waiting list so it might be better to check before you turn up. 

Park £0 – Why not visit your local park for some fun on the slide and swings, your toddler will be happy to run around and tire themselves out. See how many birds or dogs you little one can point out whilst your at the park. When I walked to mine the other day I got sick of hearing her point and saying ‘car’ yes there’s a car ooh another car, car, car,car.

Feed the ducks £0-£1 – All you need is your leftover loaf and you can go and feed your local ducks. Just be careful to read any signs about as I know at mine they now have signs stating that you can’t feed the ducks bread. They do sell small bags of feed for them for £1 so make sure that you check first. 

Have a picnic £0 – If you already have food in then it’s free, even if it’s only a sandwich and a packet of crisps it’s enough to get you out of the house for a bit. I’m looking forward to having lots of picnics when summer comes around. 

Go to soft play off peak £1 – During term time my local soft play sometimes have special prices for £1, this offer is only available at certain times of the day usually if you get there before 11am. The price is normally £3.50, so £1 isn’t bad. 

Make your own bubbles £0 – All you need is washing up liquid, sugar and a cookie cutter and viola bubbles. When I was a kid I think we just used washing up liquid and water but most of the online recipes now have sugar in. If you don’t have a bubble wand then you could use a cookie cutter, a funnel or a flyswatter or even make your own, get creative. 

If you have any more ideas please let me know – Jodie X 


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