My favourite changing bag brands

Today I’m going to write about one of my favourite topics, bags!!! I’ve always been a bag girl and now that I’m a parent my love for handbags has turned into a crazy obsession with changing bags. There are so many different shapes, sizes, prices all aiming to do a similar thing, I’ve had too many to count in my daughters short life, She isn’t even 2 yet haha, but I want to know the difference between each one and which are worth buying. All of the bags that I love are suitable beyond the baby years and will hold everyday items and even a laptop. Whenever I see another mum out in the wild one of the first things I look at is what changing bag she’s using. Some people shun them completely and will only use their finest handbag which works well for them, but I quickly went back when I struggled to carry my daughters drink around and the no leak cup inevitably leaked into my nice handbag. Also my daughter is travel sick so that means a spare outfit at all times! I have learned both lessons the hard way so I’m sticking with changing bags. I’m going to share with you my favourite changing bag brands. I’m not going to review a particular one as I will do that in more depth another time. When I think of changing bags brands 3 immediately spring to mind and are top of my list, they are:

Tiba + Marl – if you follow me on social media then you will know that I absolutely adore this brand of changing bags. They are made up of mum duo Anna and Lydia who only created the brand in 2015, Anna was a senior bag buyer for Urban Outfitters and Topshop where as Lydia was a designer at Kurt Geiger. So both ladies know what is current and fashionable. That is what makes these bags so covetable and fashion forward. Tiba + Marl have come a long way in just 1 year, they won a Smallish Design Award for the best changing bag and are available in some huge stores such as Selfridges and Harrods. My favourite is the Elwood backpack as its super stylish and leaves you hands free to run around after a toddler. It’s become a bit of a fashion icon on Instagram and for a very good reason. Apart from looking amazing the quality is second to none, it was the attention to detail that really drew me in with there branding throughout and chunky zipper pulls.

T+M are known for their bold prints such as the digital floral and gorgeous leopard, I love the bright floral print but the black faux leather is also a huge hit as its one that the Dads will want to carry as well. They also do a mini Elwood for kids which is just too cute! I would definitely love to get Sophia a mini version of my bag so we could be bag twins. I also own the Etta changing clutch which I use if I’m going out for a meal. It looks like a regular clutch but nope it unfolds into a luxurious changing mat and has lot’s of pockets. It’s a great grab and go bag, I have it packed at all times. T+M also do a bum bag which is perfect for baby wearing mamas, I never thought that I’d want a bum bag until I saw the Delphine – it’s totally gorgeous and super functional. I’m currently head over heels in love with the new RAF mini which is launching soon in either a black faux leather or the brand new very cute sticker print. T+M feels like high end luxury and the prices are very reasonable, the larger bags start at £115 and the smaller accessory bags start at £35. Each of the full size bags come with a matching very well padded changing mat, a key fob holder and a insulated bottle pocket. My favorite thing is the cross body bag which has a detachable strap and is also waterproof to store all your bits in. I often just take this small bag out with me for short trips. The materials are very thick and durable, I feel like this bag is very well made and is going to be around for a long time. More info here


Jem + Bea – These bags are just so luxurious especially the leather ones. They look like high end handbags and that’s because one of the co-founders Rebecca used to design handbags for Mulberry, Anna Hindmarch and Burberry. The other co-founder Dominique has a background in law so with both of there knowledge combined J+B was born, yay for us!. The brand is named after 2 of there children, Jemima and Beatrice and is a relatively new brand after being launched in 2015. The first run of the Jemima leather bag sold out pretty quick and early on had lots of Instagram interest. The brand won a Junior Design Award in 2015 and are available in big stores such as  John Lewis. How’s that for a amazing first year.

The large leather bags start off at £199 which is a lot of money but if you are looking for a bag that is going to be a investment that you could use for work afterwards or you plan to have more children then its definitely worth the money. They also have some gorgeous nylon bags starting at £89 which is a very reasonable price, and just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean their is any style compromise because there isn’t. I absolutely love the new Marlow camo print duffle bag and this would be a great unisex choice, I would love to get this for my husband to use as well as right now he used his old Etnies backpack. Each bag comes with a well padded changing mat and a insulated drinks holder/pocket. I could happily own and use every J+B bag going. I’m currently using the orange Beatrice bag as my go to at the moment and it’s absolutely stunning, I can’t get over how gorgeous the bright orange leather is, the pictures online don’t do it justice. I went to view mine at Winstanley’s Pramworld and I knew there and then that I couldn’t come home without it. The quality is high end and the attention to detail is stunning. I never knew how much I wanted a key fob holder until I used one. I love the S/S collection as they have added a couple of new shapes and styles, there is now something to suit everyone. The Lola nylon tote is sports luxe at it’s finest, I’ve been drooling over the new leather Amber bowling bag in grey white and part of me wishes that I had got that over my orange Beatrice, but I love my Beatrice 100% so it’s a hard decision to make. I love all the J+B bags can I just have one of each one please haha, from the outside they look like a designer handbag but inside they are like a organisers paradise with a pocket for everything. They have recently introduced a monogramming  service for that extra luxe feel. More info here


Cub Bag – Like most of the bags above I usually see them first in the pages of Gurgle magazine or on super Insta mum Dress Like A Mum which piques my interest. I then do some research and fall in love with the product. Also like the brands above this is a relatively new brand and released it’s first collection in August 2015. I love the whole concept of the Cub Bag, as unlike the other bags this one is multi functional. It is designed to be used as a baby feeding cushion (breast or bottle) and also as a hip support for the when your carrying a tired toddler. The bag is founded by Lynsey Burns who after travelling around South America was inspired by the traditional Manta baby carriers of Peru. As well as being multi-functional it looks stylish and has that boho vibe which I love, like the brands above no one would guess that this is designed as a baby changing bag but it has lots of pockets and comes with a well padded changing mat. It can be worn across the body, over one shoulder or hung over your pram. The fact that the Cub Bag can go in the washing machine is a definite plus, I don’t know any other bag’s that are machine washable but I’m very welcome to this idea. The Cub Bag was shortlisted for 2 Prima Baby Awards for ‘best changing bag’ and for ‘innovation of the year’. There is no doubt that this bag concept is genius and with prices starting at £119 it’s great. Yes it isn’t cheap but you don’t mind paying that bit extra if you can use it for other purposes. I love how this bag and all the materials (even the fabric) are all made in the UK. The bags are handmade in the Highlands of Scotland.

I have been coveting this bag for the past couple of months but as a poor SAHM I couldn’t afford one right now so I’m beyond thrilled to have won one in a recent Facebook competition yay!! It hasn’t come yet but I will be sure to share pics on my Instagram when it comes and do a full blog review when I’ve used it and have some thoughts to report back. More info here

Jodie x

 Please note that the cub bag images are not my own and are owned by Cub Bag, they are taken from their Instagram. View here


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