Girls Like Dinosaurs Too

My daughter is nearly 2 and is at the age where she knows the names of animals and she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. At the minute she absolutely loves Dinosaurs. I think it started after she watched Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on TV. She would watch it and say the word ‘Dinosaur’ and that it goes ‘roarrr’ and it’s so cute.  

I obviously want to encourage her to like what she wants to and if people think it’s ‘boyish’ I don’t particular care. I don’t know who said dinosaurs are only for boys, that’s ridiculous. I like dinosaurs and one of my favourite films as a kid was The Land Before Time. Anyway just as if she liked Frozen (thankfully she doesn’t) but if she did then I would buy her Frozen merchandise as it would make her happy. So we are currently trying to buy her things with dinosaurs on. 

I first spotted the most gorgeous dress online at Mini Boden, it has flowers on and dinosaurs and is totally amazing but at £30 + postage it’s quite pricey. I know that for that price it wouldn’t be worth it as she wouldn’t get much wear out of it. I don’t put her in dresses that often due to her being more comfortable running around in leggings. At most baby groups that we go to  you have to take their shoes off and if she is wearing tights they start to fall down and are generally a pain to deal with. We didnt have any special occasions coming up so I knew the dress wouldn’t get worn.  I do absolutely love it though and I think that’s it’s so great that Boden have designed a awesome dinosaur print aimed at girls. Thankfully more brands have since followed suit such as Next and H&M.

Next have a whole dinosaur range out just for girls and it’s so so cool! Sophia is very lucky to have nearly it all. Money is tight for us now that I’m a SAHM and we couldn’t afford to spend a lot of money on clothes for her, but she is lucky that she’s never short as our parents will help in anyway that they can from food to clothing or nappies. The problem is we wouldn’t be better off if I worked as we would have to pay for childcare but that’s another story. I don’t know how other people do it. 

The Next dinosaur range includes a dress, leggings (2pk), shorts(3pk), t-shirts(3pk), a packaway cagoule and a cute jumpsuit. The prices are very reasonable as well starting from £6. I think that the dress and leggings are part of the multi buy offer where as they are £6 each, 2 for £10 or 3 for £15. We always get lots of compliments whenever she is wearing any of these items and I always point everyone to Next. Recently I’ve seen H&M do the odd dinosaur piece. My MIL got her a cool lightweight jumper that has a dinosaur and pizza on (pizzasaurous) I’ve looked online to link to it but it’s not on there site, they do have a similar 2 piece set here.

Overall I’m absolutely loving the girls dinosaur pieces coming out on the high street and so is Sophia. She is very proud when she wears it and I want her to like what she is wearing. I love how they are bright and feminine whilst having dinosaurs on. Something that people see as being for boys. Gender clothing for kids can be annoying and unnecessary at times. I went in Next yesterday and the boys section was all blue and green. I know that it isn’t all like that even on the Next website but in store (Wigan) it was. I felt sad that if I had a boy this would be all that I could choose from. It was all dark blue jeans, green and blue. Don’t get me wrong I love to dress Sophia in pink girly dresses sometimes which isn’t wrong but it shouldn’t be the only option. I love that some brands are focusing more on gender neutral clothing I love the idea of the same piece of clothing suiting either a boy or a girl, a brand doing that are Gecko Clothing. I especially love space and science themed clothes. I don’t see why my daughter can’t wear clothing with rockets and spaceships on. She actually really likes rockets and I think that they are cool, after all girls grow up to be scientists and go into space as well. My mum recently bought her a big holdall bag to store toys in and it’s blue with robots on, I love it and it will look great in her room next to her pink Peppa Pig bedding. I love seeing boys wearing blue jeans and a green top with a tractor on and girls wearing a pink dress with a cat on I do love it, I’m just saying that it’s not all that they should be limited to. 

If you see any other cool dinosaur clothes for girls please link below 🙂

– Jodie X 


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