Review: The Cub Bag

I subscribe to Gurgle magazine and mine came 2 weeks late this month boo! I assume that it got lost in the post but thankfully the wonderful team over on Twitter got it sorted for me. Anyway I was delighted to see the Cub Bag in there as it’s such a new brand at the moment and I know that not many people have heard of it. So hopefully now more people will know what a cool product this is.

Before it arrived I was a little dubious to whether my daughters drink bottle would stay upright in the bag, I planned to wear the bag across my body and I didn’t know where the pocket would be located and if my drink would be at a angle and inevitably leak. Obviously something that I wanted to avoid. I can happily report back that the pocket is perfectly adequate and when worn across the body, the pocket and drink are upright so no leaks woohoo! I am a little disappointed that one of the pockets isn’t insulated as it’s a small thing that I’ve come to expect a baby changing bag to just have.It isn’t the end of the world though as it is something that can be easily overcome such as buying your own bottle holder.

I love the style of the bag as it’s so unlike any other bag that I own and that’s a good thing. I love it’s boho hippy vibe and it feels good to wear. The sand colour that I have goes with anything and I love the soft feel of the faux suede material. I have to admit I did cuddle up to it abit at home and use it as a comfy pillow.

It fits everything in that I usually carry around with me but I do worry that if I put anymore in then it could start to look a little bulky.


  • Key fob, I’m so used to using one of these now that I would be lost without one. I like knowing where my key is at all times. It saves that 10 minutes of rummaging around in your bag when you finally get home.
  • Changing mat, this is superb quality and very comfy, I love how it’s machine washable to and very cute with the stripes and fox logo. Most mats can be quite plain and boring but not this one.
  • It fits nicely over my pram handles, I find that some of my bags tend to slip down and I feel that I’m always pulling them back up again but with this bag it happily stayed put all around town and everything was easy accessible.
  • Great shape for if you are baby wearing, my LO is too heavy for me now but I used to wear her in a ring sling or a buckle carrier. When she was small and carried on my front a backpack would be fine but as she got heavier and I wore her on my back I never knew which bag to take out with me. In the end none where suitable. I just used to carry a bag in one hand which wasn’t ideal as it was heavy and uncomfortable. This bag would fit nicely over the top of a baby carrier and still be comfortable for you and your child. A definite win in my eyes.
  • Multifunctional properties, I won’t go into too much depth as I’ve mentioned this in my last changing bag post but i love how this bag is a 3 in 1. I love how you can use it as a breastfeeding pillow if you wanted to and that the material is soft and hypoallergenic so it would be kind on your babies skin. I like how it can be used as carrying aid to support a tired toddler who just wants to be held. I haven’t tested this bit as my LO is above the max weight limit guide.
  • Unisex, as well as the shape and colours being nice to look at they are also unisex. No Daddy would complain to carry this bag around. Well my hubby would if I got the magenta one but you get the idea.
  • Machine washable, this is a definite plus, i don’t have any other bags that are machine washable and i see a lot of people online asking how to clean their changing bag and is X bag machine washable but they aren’t. This one is, i haven’t washed mine yet as i haven’t needed to yet. I did get a couple of food stains on it from a family meal last night but i used a baby wipe to spot clean the area and it is fine, no sign of any marks.
  • Handmade in the highlands of Scotland with all UK materials, it’s so nice knowing that this bag was handmade and that 100% of the materials are made here in the UK. This bag isn’t mass produced abroad like many of them are. This is reflected in the price but labour and materials over here are obviously higher than in China or Thailand. You can tell with the very high quality and craftsmanship that this bag is special. Also it helps to sustain UK jobs.


  • Price, this bag would be £189 to buy. I am immensely happy that i was lucky enough to win this bag and I know that I will continue to use it for a long time, but i know that if it was me parting with that sort of money on a bag i would want to make sure that it was the perfect bag for me and that i would be getting a lot of use out of it. If you are planning on buying a feeding cushion then if you bought this you might not need to buy one. If you think that you will get multi purpose use out of this bag then it’s definitely worth paying abit extra than you would spend on a normal bag. The luxury changing bag market is very competitive and this product is unique. Again the price may seem high but remember that it’s 100% handmade in the UK. 
  • No insulated bottle pocket. I know that I did mention this before and it doesn’t matter to me as my daughter is nearly 2. She was and is still breastfed so I never carried bottles around with me (she refused to drink from them anyway). So only you can decide if this is a negative for you or not. Watch this space though word on the street is that insulated pockets may be coming to the Cub Bag very soon!
  • Knot can be hard to re-tie. I made the mistake of undoing the knot and then when I went to retie it, the knot didn’t look the same. After wearing it with a regular knot it was bulky and dug in my shoulder. The wonderful people over at Cub Bag have informed me that the knot is a type of sailing knot and that they plan to share a knot tying demo with us all soon. The knot that they use is more flat towards the shoulder so that it is comfortable to wear. I’ve looked on Google and i suspect that it might be a ‘square flat knot’ that they use.
  • Cotton and linen bags are not waterproof, I don’t know this for definite but I assume from the website how it mentions that my faux suede material is waterproof and it doesn’t mention it next to the others. It isn’t a huge deal and the cotton and linen bags are part of the spring/summer range. The weather is meant to be nice in summer but in the UK I wouldn’t like to take the risk. The cotton and linen materials are both cheaper, the cotton is from £119 and the linen £169. Again only you can decide if this is something that you factor in when making a purchase.

Overall I absolutely love this bag but I understand that it wouldn’t be for everyone. I think that it looks great and will go with anything. I don’t mind that one of the pockets isn’t insulated as they can sometimes look bulky. Inside of this bag is very soft and doesn’t look like a baby changing bag, you can take the mat out and use it way beyond the baby years which I plan to do. Available here

Jodie x


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