Review: Bleep Bleeps Sammy Screamer Motion Alarm

When I first heard of this device on Facebook I was immediately intrigued. The concept is so good and would fit perfect into most modern parents life. As a smartphone generation I loved the idea of a handy gadget.


 Basically it’s a little plastic device that’s a motion alarm. It has a small lanyard on and the back is magnetised to attach it to stuff. You can buy it in a range of bright beautiful colours and I knew that I wanted one. I go to a lot of playgroups and sometimes you have to leave your pram outside unattended. I don’t like doing this and have bought a cheap buggy instead of taking my main pram just incase it gets stolen. At some groups I sometimes leave my bag unattended at the other side of the room so the idea of attaching a motion sensor alarm to one of these items sounded brilliant as my bag is quite expensive. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has its own app. You can turn it on and off with the app and choose to whether have the device sound a alarm when moved or not. If it’s moved it immediately sends a notification to your smart phone to let you know that it’s moved. If you are out of Bluetooth range then it will let you know when it’s reconnected. It has a little lanyard and the back is magnetised to you can attach it to virtually anything.

Top Uses

  • attach it to the fridge or a certain cupboard to keep your food safe.
  • put it on your pram or bag when your out and about. Sometimes you may need to leave your pram outside of a changing room if it won’t fit in? you could use it on your belongings in a busy café or restaurant.
  • at the park if you need to leave your pram whilst you chase your toddler around.
  • on your child’s bedroom door handle so you know if they are trying to escape.


It sounds like a great idea and it would keep my mind at rest knowing that my stuff was safe but the problem is that the Bluetooth range is pants! 😦 my dreams have been shattered as I can’t use it for what I wanted it for as the Bluetooth disconnects due to being too far away. You basically have to be in the same room as it without any walls for it to work which is disappointing. There are some tips online on how to improve its range but it hasn’t really done much. The people over at Bleep Bleeps are very nice about it and said that I could return the item for a refund if I wasn’t happy. I have decided to keep the item as I may find a use for it. I recently used it in my local McDonald’s, it was busy and there was no room for my pram directly next to my table so I parked it up away from my table and put Sammy on it. It did work fine as I wasn’t too far away and it meant that I could relax and not have to keep looking over at my pram


  • It looks cute and is available in lots of bright colours
  • easy to set up via it’s own app
  • light and  portable, I don’t notice it in my handbag.
  • can have the alarm turned on or off
  • great idea
  • magnetic back handy for if you want to stick it on your fridge


  • will only work over a very short distance. Apparently up to 30m in the very best conditions say if you where outside on a park and the device was facing a certain way. In reality it doesn’t work through a wall/door at my home. I wanted to test it on my front door as my LO can now open it.
  • sometimes needs resetting which is annoying as I don’t carry a small pin around with me.

I so wanted to love this little thing and recommend it to everybody but I can’t. It’s a absolutely brilliant idea but is only useful over short distances so if that’s for you then you can buy one here. Maybe if they bring one out in the future that connects via Wi-Fi or another method then I will get one again.

Would you use this device? – Jodie x



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