Review: Oogaa Divided Plate


I first saw these plates on Instagram when I was weaning my daughter, we did baby led weaning and when searching for inspiration online I would come across these section plates. Unfortunately back then they weren’t available in the UK and were quite pricey to get them imported. The good news is that they are now available in the UK, yay!!!

They aren’t the cheapest baby/toddler plates ever but they are definitely worth the price in my eyes. I have a lot of section plates by different brand such as Tommee Tippee and Nuby but the main difference with these Oogaa ones is that they are made from silicone not plastic. The silicone is very high grade as well, it isn’t the thin cheap stuff that you might see in shops these plates are thick, sturdy and have a good weight to them. That means that they are safer for your baby as they are BPA free and that you can bake in them.

The main reason I wanted one was to bake things in them as it saves more washing up later down the line. Also once it’s cooled you can just serve it to your baby in the plate. Another thing that I love about silicone is that they are none stick so you don’t have to grease them before baking. I like to make crust less quiches, veggie bakes and banana bread in mine but you can make anything in them.

These aren’t just for babies or toddlers, even older children can use them as they are quite fun and come in a range of colours. I love how they give you a good idea of portion sizes and to serve a good variety of foods. Having 3 sections reminds me to offer my toddler a range of different food groups such as protein, fruit, vegetables and dairy etc even if I’m not having them myself having the different sections reminds me to offer my toddler a piece of fruit or vegetables.

Overall I can’t recommend these plates enough and I will definitely be buying more of these in the future. Buy here

Jodie x


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