Fashion Favourites 

Instagram is my favourite place to look for fashion inspiration. I love seeing what new brands are about and what other people are wearing. For me personally it doesn’t have to be ‘fashionable’ for me to want it, I think that if you like it and it makes you feel good then wear it. I don’t like looking like everyone else and I try to zone in on unique pieces that aren’t always available on the high street. I do wear high street but I like my outfit to have abit of uniqueness about it and if I can achieve that by wearing a new or niche brand I do try to. 

A few pieces have caught my eye recently and I wanted to share them with you, they are:

Alphabet Bags Pouch/Clutch bag

These pouches are such good quality and are made from heavy duty canvas, I love the positive vibes that this ‘you got this’ pouch gives me and I definitely want to add it to my collection £18 here. I have the no rest for the with kid one and I absolutely love it. This large pouch can double up as clutch bag (as seen on the awesome Instamum Mutha Pukka). I use mine to store all my baby paraphernalia in if I’m just nipping out or I can just pop it into my handbag and know that everything is together. I also love the sunshine be mine £20 large canvas tote bag and the no rest for the with kid t-shirt which is now on sale at a bargainous £12. 

Shepherds London Monpe Trousers 

These pants are made in Japan and look so soft and comfortable. These are Kurume Kasuri Monpe trousers which are the Japanese equivalent of jeans. The material is very tough but also soft and breathable, they are made from 100% natural fibre cotton. Apprently they get softer with each wash and wear unlike jeans which can feel a little stiff. I love how versatile the Monpes are as you could easily dress them up with a fancy shirt or wear them casually with a t-shirt and trainers. I love the simplicity of the design and the fact that they are unisex. Also due to the cord waist and cuffs you can style them many different ways. These are definitely a investment piece that would stand the test of time, £90 here.

Mere Soeur T-Shirt

Mere Soeur is absolutely killing it on the mama merch front and I honestly want one of everything 😭 a lot of her other tees such as the Raising the Future and the Mama Gang tee get a lot of exposure which is awesome because they are amazing, but I don’t see this one pictured very often which is a shame as its so freakin cool. It’s a v-neck style and says ‘tears, hugs and rock and roll’ I love it! £25 here. Mere Soeur is also releasing a very cool mama colouring book for charity soon so watch this space! 

Tiba + Marl Bag Stickers

Patches are huge right now so what a fun way to up your fashion credentials than with these cute stickers. These are perfect to stick on your Tiba + Marl cross body bag! You don’t need to limit them to your T+M bag though as they would look great on a iPad case, journal/diary cover, laptop, make up bag the possibilities are endless and at £10 these are a must have. Buy here

Harlig Silk Scarf

Harlig is a brand of luxurious handmade silk scarves. It is a newbie brand and was only founded in February 2016 by Isobelle Rudman. Isobelle knows her textiles though and is a pro so you can expect top of the range quality and luxury. These scarves are all beautiful bright colours and are either printed in Gloucestershire or hand painted in her London studio. The debut collection is absolutely gorgeous! My favourites are the herringbone print in orange, turquoise and white. The colours would go with so much of my wardrobe and compliment my orange Jem + Bea Beatrice bag. I also adore the pink dogtooth print! It’s very bright and would make any outfit instantly more stylish and fun. The scarves are a good size and can worn as a neckerchief, headscarf or even as a baby sunshade if you ever get caught out in the sun. These are currently made in limited numbers and can buy one here for £150

Skinny Dip Hyper Backpack 

I’m loving all things metallic at the moment especially silver, this backpack takes it to the next level by being iridescent. It looks super fun and I would definitely use it. It has a few pockets and it would be good to nail this seasons metallic trend. £34 here


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