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Review: Bo & Bel Amelia Necklace

If you are a reader to my blog then you will know that I’m still breastfeeding my daughter who is 22 months old. We have had ups and downs along the way and she still currently feeds on demand which can be between 4-10 times per day depending on the circumstances. One thing that has always got on my nerves is her twiddling! When shes feeding her other hand automatically goes to my other boob, it’s usually tucked away in my bra but she will persevere and demand access to it to she can twiddle my nipple. If she doesn’t get her way she de-latches and cries, I know that this is a natural thing to do as it does usually trigger a ‘let down’ or it used to in our earlier days, she knows that by doing this she gets milk sooner so she does it. The problem is it’s annoying as hell and I can end up flashing people if out in public but most of all it hurts!, I do my best to keep her nails short but sometimes she digs them in and it will make me jump in pain. I’ve even visited forums to ask for advice about this problem. The answer was usually a mixture of things but breastfeeding necklaces do come up. I googled them and they always looked the same very boring and drab, they where all the same style with a big O shape at the bottom and it just wasn’t me and I would have rather spent my money elsewhere.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to win my very own Bo & Bel silicone breastfeeding/teething necklace through a Instagram competition, I was very happy as it was a item that I really wanted to try. Bo & Bel necklaces are different from others that I’ve seen as they actually look fashionable and wearable yay! Bo & Bel was launched in October 2014 by mum of twins Vicki Hodges. They are made from food grade silicone which is very high quality and BPA free so it’s perfect for babies to chomp on.

These necklaces come in lots of different shapes, colours and styles to choose from so it feels more personal and more ‘you’ when you are choosing one. I picked the geometric Amelia necklace and since its arrival I’ve barely had it off. I’ve had it about a week and I feel that I’ve given it enough wear to write a honest review.
My conclusion is that It works! I had given up buying one now to be honest as my daughter is nearly 2 I thought that she would be to set in her own ways or might stop feeding soon so it’s not worth it, but I tell you now I wish that I’d bought one earlier. At £15 it’s very reasonable and would have made my life a lot easier. My daughter has been happy to fiddle with the necklace instead of my other boob yay! It hasn’t worked 100% of the time but I wasn’t expecting it to but I can honestly say that the majority of the time she is distracted enough with it that she doesn’t twiddle. Also she is teething quite bad at the moment, I think that she only has a few teeth left to come through and she has been chomping away on my necklace quite happily. 

My favourite thing about the necklace is it’s style, I’m not a huge wearer of jewellery but I love this and I find that it makes my outfits look better. I love the everyday colours of the Amelia as it will go with most things but I’m definitely thinking about another with some pink to it to change it up abit. It’s also very good quality and I love the attention to detail with the little Bo & Bel tag at the top, it’s a really nice touch and something that sets it apart from the competition. 

Overall this necklace looks super stylish and is functional so I couldn’t recommend it enough! They also make matching bangles and special necklaces designed just for dads which look awesome. You can check out the full range here.

Let me know if you use a teething/breastfeeding necklace and if it has helped you – Jodie X 


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