Pampers Baby Dry Disappointment

We have always used disposable nappies as that was our choice, we have tried various supermarket and shop brands, some better than others but my favourites have always been the Pampers Baby Dry. Not even the Pampers Active Fit, Simply Dry etc are as good as these, they are the only nappies that suit my daughter well and don’t leak through the night. I don’t get up in the night with her anymore so I need a good nappy to keep her dry from 9pm-830am. these have always been my holy grail nappy that I will recommend to anyone who will listen. Sometimes we are too poor to buy them so our parents will kindly turn up with some or if we are struggling I will use Aldi Mamia in the day and the Baby Dry just at night. This has all been fine up until last week, I was in Asda with my parents who saw the Baby Dry nappies on offer 2 for £18 so they bought them. the packaging looks mostly the same but it says that the nappies have been new and improved.

I was a little dubious of this at first as I don’t like change, when I got home and got one of the nappies out they are noticeably different. they have a new cute design on but are ALOT thinner. They look more like the Active Fit nappies which I do like but they don’t hold much liquid, the first night my daughter had the nappy on we both woke up wet (we co-sleep) this is something that hasn’t happened in well over a year so I was shocked. We bought the same size that she normally is a size 5. So I got up and put the bedding in the wash and bathed us both, something which isn’t ideal when you need to be out of the house early. I did moan about these nappies during the day but my husband said to give them the benefit of the doubt as sometimes it just happens, maybe she was lyed funny. The nappy kept her dry during the day but that night again it leaked. I have since lost hope in the new Baby Dry nappy range and I’m sad as they have been my favourites for so long. I don’t trust any other nappy at night as whilst Aldi Mamia and Boots own don’t leak they don’t keep her bum very dry which Pampers do.Pampers are great at locking away the liquid and keeping her dry, i think that these new ones must be leaking at the side of her legs.

Pampers have been very nice about it after i complained and asked for my daughters weight to make sure that she is in the correct size etc which she is, they have agreed to send me some vouchers so that I can try her in the Baby Dry pants. Something that I will do but these are more expensive to buy in the long run, if they work I will just have to buy them for at night-time. Comparing the new and old one’s side by side you can see a visible difference, the new are much thinner, narrower and are longer. The leg ruffles are shorter and the nappy pad area looks completely different. Both nappies pictured are a size 5 fresh out of the packaging (I find they puff up if they have been left out, so this is a accurate comparison). Pictured, the old design on the left and top and the new design on the right and bottom.


I’ve spoken to a lot of my friends about this and my conclusion is that different nappies fit and suit each child differently. My friend who has a son has had no trouble with the new Baby Dry, my other friend says that Aldi Mamia keep their child dry all night so it’s just a shame that this new ones don’t suit my daughter after using them for so long.

I would love to hear what brand of disposable nappy you use on your LO overnight? I don’t want to try cloth nappies as to be honest I can’t afford the starter pack right now. If I had another child I would definitely look into them as they look comfortable and have lot’s of cute designs available. – Jodie x


One thought on “Pampers Baby Dry Disappointment

  1. I have the same problem. I searched everywhere for the old design but unfortunately couldn’t find it. This new design drives me crazy. I don’t know what to do. I was wondering why the company changed the design?! The old one was so good.


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