Review: Munchkin 360 Miracle Cup

When I’m out and about at baby groups I often get asked about this cup, it seems like not everyone has seen or heard about them, so I decided to do a review.

As my daughter is breastfed, she never learned how to tip up bottles or sippy cups to drink out of. She has mostly only used a straw cup from about 8 months of age as she could drink out of them easily so that’s what we stuck with. I saw one of friends who’s son had this cup and I was intrigued as he was drinking very easily out of it will no spilling. I’ve tried a lot of different sippy cups with various spouts and straws in the past by all different brands but I’ve been yet to find a good one that hasn’t leaked. Most of the ones I’ve tried have been marketed as ‘no spill’ but they still always end up leaking in my bag when not fully upright, but this one actually lives up to the name.

Since getting one I’ve bought a couple more as it’s just so good, this cup has learned my daughter to actually tip her cup up like you would as if you where drinking out of a glass. I also love how easy it is to clean with no mold in sight. I have thrown so many cups away due to this issue but that’s another story. I like that you can buy a smaller 6oz version of this cup with handles on for younger children but I prefer the regular 10oz one without handles so it will fit into the bottle pocket in my changing bag. It’s available in a couple of different colours and designs which you can see here and I can’t recommend it enough.

At first I struggled to get one but I’ve heard that most of the supermarkets now stock them. You can also buy them direct from Munchkin which is what I did, they are £5 each. I would stay away from Amazon and eBay as they seem to be double the price on there for some reason. Munchkin are currently offering free delivery on any order so if you want to get one I would recommend doing it now as I know that this offer is only for a limited time.

Do you use one of these cups or does your little one have a different favourite that you can recommend to me? – Jodie x

Disclaimer: I bought this cup myself and all words and thoughts are my own.


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