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Wigan Mum on TalkRadio


Yesterday I got a tweet quite late in the day asking if I wanted to take part in a interview for Talk Radio that night. It was a great opportunity and I knew that I couldn’t turn it down so I agreed. I only had about 2 hours max to prepare and I was feeling nervous making and lots of notes.

The topic was ‘funny or questionable advice given to new parents’ and if you listen to it we mostly digress and talk about everything really, day to day parenting, breastfeeding and why it’s hard to go back to work due to the high cost of nursery fees.

If you missed the show you can listen it again here

You will need to click on where it says 21.30-22.00 and I’m about half way in. I get a good 10-15 minutes on the air and I really enjoyed it.

Please let me know if you tune in and what your thoughts are – Jodie x



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