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Review: Tiba + Marl Elwood Backpack

Since my daughter started walking I thought that investing in a backpack would be a good idea, she can’t walk far without the pram so I still have to push that as well as keep hold of her hand so it’s best to do that as hands free as possible. This is where a backpack definitely comes into its own, if I have big bulky bag on my shoulder it makes things 10 times harder as it gets in the way. My backpack is also the first bag that I reach for if we are going on a day out as it fits everything in for the whole family and looks super chic.

I wish I had bought one earlier back when my LO was a baby as I used to baby wear, I could never find a suitable bag so I ended up carrying a bag in one hand which was uncomfortable if I was going far, it always made my arm ache due to the uneven weight distribution.

When I saw this Tiba + Marl backpack on Instagram I knew that it was ‘the one’ and it had to be the floral print too, I love the other prints but this one just immediately stood out to me. It is gorgeous and unique. I got my Elwood for Christmas and I have had a lot of use out of it, I also get a lot of compliments from other mums when they realise that it’s a baby bag, it comes with a beautiful well padded changing mat and a cross body bag. I actually have this changing mat permanently based upstairs in my daughters room, it is that good quality I’m happy to use it daily. Its also machine washable, something that I’ve had to do a couple of times and you can’t tell as it still looks new with bereautiful vibrant colours.

I also use the cross body bag separately a lot as well, I use it on quick trips out and I love how the strap is removable so most of time I use it to store my nappies and wipes in, I keep it in whatever bag I’m using that day. it’s so easy to change bags knowing that I only need to change this bag about. It’s good everything being in one place as if my MIL is minding my daughter I just give her this bag and I know that she has everything.

One of the main things about this bag that stands out to me is the amazing quality and the attention to detail. It’s made from a heavy duty nylon that is going to last a long time, I’ve used it a lot the past 6 months and I cant see any signs of wear. It’s also waterproof which is a must. I love the chunky black patent zipper pulls with Tiba and Marl branding, I also love the matching black patent top handle, it gives it that sports luxe theme. The straps are very comfortable to wear and good quality.  That’s something that I hate about backpacks, most of the straps look and feel really naff but not these ones. It also comes with a insululated bottle pocket, key fob holder, laptop pocket, metal feet and a padded lower back panel so it is guaranteed to be comfortable whislt carrying around your baby stuff, work stuff or gym kit. Some people think that it’s expensive at £115 but I think that it’s very reasonable seeing as you can use it way beyond the baby years. I have thought about selling mine to partially fund the new Tiba + Marl Mini RAF which is so me but I’ve decided not too, a backpack is a essential piece of parenting kit especially now that I have a toddler.

This bag has sold out a couple of times but you can now pre order it for June delivery here it’s also available in a black quilted design and my new fav metallic silver!


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