Reusable Breastpads

If you are breastfeeding for 1 week or 1 year it doesn’t matter, re-usable breast pads are the way to go.

At first I used disposable pads and after trying out a lot of different brands, from the cheap supermarket ones to the top of the range Lansinoh branded ones, My conclusion is that you get what you pay for. The cheap supermarket ones at £1.50 a box where rubbish, they where too small in diameter, not waterproof and very uncomfortable to wear (think scratchy material). My favourites were the Tommee Tippee and Lansinoh ones at about £5.50 per box, I like how the Lansinoh are individually wrapped as you don’t always need two. I found the adhesive strips pretty pointless as I never personally used them as I didn’t need to, they would stay put in my bra just find without sticking them down. Also how annoying loud is the rustley packaging! My LO has fell asleep attached to my boob before, causing another let down. I quickly need to get a fresh pad out and the packaging was so loud that it woke her up, grr!. Back in the early days I found that I was going through the pads so quick and it was costing me a small fortune, who says breastfeeding is free? they obviously never had to buy a nursing bra either.

I looked on eBay to see if I could find some good ones for cheaper and then I discovered the re-usable ones, now again you do get what you pay for as the cheap ones from China are as expected cheap rubbish and not waterproof, yes I’ve tried them as just to build the numbers up I bought some from China but they are basically unusable. I looked for some mid-ground and came across the Ana Wiz ones. I admit I was drawn in by the pretty swallow pattern as I have swallows tattooed on each of my shoulders so I was sold. I have had them about a year and a half now and they are still going strong! I estimate that I’ve saved about £300 in total since I switched to washable pads (I’ve been breastfeeding for 22 months but only made the switch about 20 months ago). If you are in it for the long haul you realistically need to spend about £25-£30 to get a good stash going as you don’t want to be caught short like I have in the past, I’ve been searching around for a fresh pad only to realise that all my clean ones are spread across the radiators drying, a damp pad is no use to anyone. I’m not going to lie to you these are cheaper on the official Ana Wiz eBay shop rather than direct through their website I assume this is because they are a small item so they can be posted cheaper, something that a website with a standard postage rate can’t offer (it’s not always easy to change as i used to work in mail order and I helped to manage the website) so here is the Ebay link

How to wash them

At first I would just throw them in with my regular wash but it soon became apparent that this was a pain in the arse as they were spread out everywhere and it took me longer to unload the washing as I was fishing about for the pads.

I recommend buying a cheap mesh bag, I bought one from eBay designed to store bras in and they are usually about £1 delivered. It’s the perfect shape and it has a zip to keep the pads safely put. This is the exact one that I have for sale here. I’ve hand washed them in the past if I’ve had to, but it’s far easier just putting them in with your regular cycle. No hotter than 40º and don’t worry about using conditioner as it’s fine, I then lay them out on my radiators or windowsills to dry. Warning: try to keep out of reach from your toddler as mine likes to stuff them down the back of the radiators where I can’t reach them.


So if you are breastfeeding and not using re-usable pads, why not? they are so much better than disposables in my eyes as and are a lot more comfortable to wear, they are good for the environment and last but not least they will save you money so it’s a win win situation!

Ana Wiz have kindly gifted me some new breast pads which I’m very grateful about as I can throw my cheap china ones away now and I don’t have to save these for best. This review is all my own honest thoughts and feelings as I did buy my original Ana Wiz breast pads with my own money and I still use them today. – Jodie x




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