Review: Yumbox



When my daughter was approaching 6 months old I started researching our weaning options and decided to try baby led weaning. This is basically where you let them eat our foods straight off, they hold the food with their own hand and learn to feed themselves. I will go more into depth about this in another post.

As always I turn to Instagram for inspiration searching the hashtags #babyledweaning #blw and you always come across these gorgeous healthy lunches presented in a bento style lunch box, a lot the time they are in these Yumboxes. I instantly loved the idea behind it, each section is for a different food group and the portion sizes are nice and small so they are perfect for a toddler. The best thing about it for me is that it reminds me to offer my daughter a whole range of different foods. I’m pretty bad and don’t eat much fruit or vegetables (mostly none) but this box reminds me to offer her these things even if i’m not making them for myself.


  • Great for baby led weaning
  • Can hold yoghurt as it’s leak proof (not for water though).
  • Reminds me to offer a variation of foods. It promotes healthy eating.
  • It’s fun and it means that she is more likely to eat out of it.
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It’s quite pricey at £24.95
  • I find it a little heavy at 490g?
  • Be careful that your toddler doesn’t drop it as mine did and cracked the lid, it’s still useable but I’m a bit gutted.
  • Not that easy to dry, after I’ve hand washed it I put it on the drainer, due to the shape of the plastic one side will always hold water so I have to come back and turn it over to dry out the other side.


Overall I definitely recommend this product and I do think that it’s worth the price as I bought it when my daughter was about 1 year old and I plan to use it when she starts pre-school, so it is an investment piece. If I went off money per use I know that it would be worth it as we have had a lot of use out of it already. These come in lots of differnt colours and variations, you can buy this one here

Have you heard of the Yumbox and would you buy one? – Jodie

This yumbox was purchased by myself and all thoughts are my own



One thought on “Review: Yumbox

  1. I think these boxes are great, my son is 6 and I would still use one at his age to put little snacks in when we are going somewhere as he loves to have a ‘picnic’ style nibble :))
    Also, great to see a fellow Wigan mummy blogging x x x x


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