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My favourite black changing bags 

As you know I’m pretty obsessed with changing bags and I just can’t get enough of them. Lately I’ve been thinking that I would like a plain black one as surprisingly I don’t own a black bag!. There are so many gorgeous ones out there that it would be very hard to choose one. I’ve rounded up these beauties which are all stunning, I would be very happy to own any of these. My two favourite changing bag brands are Jem + Bea and Tiba + Marl they make lot’s of stunning black bags so yes I have included all my favourites.

Jem + Bea


Jemima £265 This is such a classic style and very rightly so. One of my favourite things about it is just how wide it opens up! you can easily see and access everything.

Amber £230 I love it’s bowling bag shape and the fact that it’s a medium size bag not a large one compared to the other J+B bags. Sometimes you just want a smaller bag and that’s why I love this one so much. I’ve not seen it in the flesh but I’m sure it’s still very spacious too.

Lola £120 I adore this nylon material and sometimes it’s nice to have a change from leather. The nylon looks great and is very hard wearing. I would class Lola as a large bag and it would be perfect for doubling up as a gym bag. I love the sports luxe vibe that this gives off thanks to the black satin straps!

Farah £115 This small on the go bag is perfect for small trips out and it looks absolutely stunning. I love how it has a seperate zip pocket at the front as I always keep my keys and phone apart (once they scratched my screen). I love the croc effect on the front this bag is super chic and high on my wish list.


Tiba + Marl


RAF £115 I’ve always loved the bigger version of this especially in the quilted style but it was too big for my needs, now T+M have released this smaller version I absolutely love it. It’s similar dimensions to my Jem + Bea Beatrice bag so I know that it’s a good size. I love the faux leather and how soft the material looks.

Mabel £115 This bag is absolutely stunning! I love the large tote design and my favourite bit is the T+M cool logo on the handle fob.

Elwood £120 I have this bag already in the floral design and I love it, this faux leather is seriously stylish though and perfect for Dads to use as well.

Delphine £45 I never thought that I’d ever want a bumbag but this one is actually cool. I wish this was around when I was baby wearing as I would have definitely snapped one up. You don’t have to wear it as a bum bag if you don’t want it still looks super stylish slung over your shoulder.


Others that I absolutely love!


Do you own a black changing bag? If so I would love to know which you have chosen as there are a lot of beauties out there – Jodie x

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are my own, they are all owned by the respective companies. I am not sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands and all thoughts here are my own.


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