Review: Asda Little Angels Supreme Protection Nappies

I have always been loyal to Pampers Baby Dry nappies as they have always been the best in my eyes. They never caused nappy rash and they never leaked that is up until now. They have recently changed their formula and my daughter leaked in them 2 nights in a row. This is something that had never happened for over a year so needless to say I have lost my confidence in Pampers. You can read the full Pampers Baby Dry review here for more details.


When I got asked if I would like to try some Asda Little Angels nappies I jumped at the chance as I am now looking for a brand that I can switch over to. I ‘d been looking online at which brand of nappy I wanted to try next and these where at the top of my list anyway because they already have a lot of great online reviews. I have never tried Little Angels before but I’ve heard lot’s of great things. In the past apart from Pampers I’ve tried Aldi Mamia, Sainsburys Little Stars and Boots Super Dry all which are ok, just that – ok. Even though they didn’t leak they all left my daughters skin damp to touch which could cause nappy rash. The Sainsburys where horrible and very bulky I wouldn’t buy them ever again.

The Supreme Protection are the jewel in Asdas crown, They also do the Comfort Dry which is their biggest seller but these supreme protection take it to another level. These offer more absorbency so they are perfect for day or the night. My daughter needs a very absorbent nappy for night-time as she still wets her nappy at least once or twice during this time. Maybe it’s because we still breastfeed and co-sleep? she has access to milk whenever she wants so it makes sense that her nappy will be full in the morning so I need to make sure that she has a very absorbent nappy for night-time, one that will leave her skin dry and not cause a rash.

First Look

When I first looked at one of these nappies I was impressed with how well made and soft it felt. They have a cute design on and they don’t look too bulky unlike some others that I have tried. I’m also very impressed with the price, these size 5 are £3.75 for a pack of 36 or 3 packs for £10, buy here.


  • My favourite feature that makes this nappy stand out to me against any other is the elasticated back! every other nappy that fits nice never stays fitted to her back, it always gapes open at the top. I actually thought to myself recently that I wish someone would make nappies with a bit of elastic at the back to stop that happening and Asda already have! The nappies are now a tight comfortable fit across my daughters back, yay!
  •  The material of the nappy is very soft and flexible. These are great for an active toddler, the sides stretch with her so they don’t rub or dig in.
  • They come with a built-in size guide on the side straps so they tell you when you need to size up, how genius is that?!.
  • These are very absorbent! My daughter has worn them day and night for the past week and not leaked once. I have left her 10-12 hours in one of these nappies overnight and it hasn’t leaked.


Overall I am very impressed and I am going to continue to buy these nappies from now on. A lot of people love Aldi Mamia nappies and i have tried them but i feel like even though they don’t leak they don’t leave my daughters skin dry to touch and can cause a rash, it’s the same with the Boots super dry that I’ve tried. I’m now converted to Little Angels. They have also just released some super cute Peppa Pig First Pants which i can’t wait to try! Whilst it’s been so hot lately I have left her in just a nappy but she has kept undoing it and taking it off but I think that with these pants she would want to keep them on as they are Peppa Pig and she would hopefully learn to pull them and up and down herself ready for potty training.

No wonder Little Angels have been voted “preferred nappy brand” I can definately see why! have you tried Asda Little Angels nappies? let me know in the comments below – Jodie x

Disclaimer: I was very kindly sent these nappies free of charge to try out but all thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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