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Exciting News – Cub Bag

A couple of months ago I reviewed the beautiful Cub Bag and even though I love this bag I had to write down my honest thoughts. There are a lot of positives to this bag such as it being multifunctional as its not only a stylish bag it doubles up as a breastfeeding pillow and it also offers support whilst baby carrying, I honestly can’t recommend this bag enough. I did conclude a couple of negative points though which were:

  • There is no insulated bottle pocket
  • I don’t know how to re tie the knot once I’ve undone it

Well to my surprise the lovely Lynsey from Bax & Bay contacted me to tell me that she had read my review and actually taken on board what I said and that the Bax & Bay team have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the Cub Bag. I am very happy to share with you that the next season of Cub Bags will come with a removable insulated bottle holder and it fits neatly into one of the pockets. From the picture you can see that they are beautiful are that they are made from the same material as the lining of the bag and that fit in perfectly with the theme of the bag. If you don’t want to carry a drink then they can also be used to store snacks woohoo!


Also Lynsey has done a demo video showing us all how to tie the special flat knot for the bag as I’m rubbish at tying knots. I have found this demo very useful and the steps easy to follow along  with. Shop the beautiful Cub Bags here.

Disclaimer – The images and video in this post are both owned by Bax & Bay.





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