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Review: Ana Wiz Buggy Organiser


I have a couple of prams which are the Mamas & Papas Armadillo (main pram) and the Silver Cross Pop for quick trips out. Neither pram has a cup holder which sucks as I used to have one on my old Cosatto Supa Stroller and I used it all the time. I’ve thought about buying one but the universal ones that I’ve looked at online all have bad reviews and I’m not paying £20 for the official Mamas & Papas one as that’s too much money. Anyway here is my solution the Ana Wiz buggy organiser! It has space for drinks and they are very deep pockets so I know that my drink is safe and secure in there (no spills).

When I’m in town I like going to Subway or KFC (I know naughty me) and I never have anywhere to put my drink, it’s always a pain in the ass trying to hold the heavy door open and get your pram through during the best of times but with one hand holding a drink it’s virtually impossible, so sometimes I avoid going altogether for this reason. Anyway now I can go and put my drink in here and know that’s it’s all good, I don’t have to rush drinking it to free up my other hand to push the pram either as it’s just not a problem.

It’s also super handy as it fits a lot of stuff in if you are nipping out, nappy, wipes, purse, phone, keys etc, you don’t even need to take your bag out if you don’t want to.

I like having both of our drinks in it and some snacks and toys to hand. It also has a secret Velcro pocket inside to store your key or money where they can’t be seen if you are worried about thieves reaching in.

Things that I love about this are:

  • It’s easy to attach to any pram
  • Cute unisex design
  • The bag feels very well made and good quality (I’ve had a cheap version from China in the past and this feels worlds apart, the Velcro on my cheap one didn’t last 2 minutes)
  • Very spacious and has room for 2 drinks.
  • Has a secret pocket for valuables
  • Makes a trip out easier as everything is to hand
  • It can fold up small and fit into your changing bag when not in use



Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone and at £9.95 it’s cheaper than most cup holders and I would prefer to use this. Buy Here

Disclaimer: I was sent this item free of charge by Ana Wiz but I was under no obligation to review this product, I have done so because I wanted to and all thoughts and opinions here are my own. – Jodie x


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