Favourite Kids Apps

My husband has a iPad and my daughter likes to use it too, it started with us co-sleeping which we still do but my husband would potter about on the iPad in bed. She always showed interest so we gradually downloaded some appropriate apps for her and now she is a whizz with it. She isn’t even 2 yet but she knows how to unlock it and navigate in and out of apps. I never thought that I would allow my toddler to use a iPad but we have both noticed that she has learned from it. She has learned words that we don’t use and learned some colours, songs and counting so I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It is a personal choice and we don’t let her use it a lot.

The best thing about the iPad is you can put a child lock on it so she can’t get out of what app you put her on without putting in a pass code. We rarely use this now as she is supervised but it’s good to have.

Her favourite apps are:

YouTube Kids


This is such a great app as it won’t show any age inappropriate videos, I know that I can just leave her watching it and nothing bad will come up. She loves navigating the app as it’s easy and very child friendly. It suggests other videos that she would like and she likes flicking through discovering new things. Her favourite videos are watching people open surprise eggs and people singing the ‘Daddy Finger’ song which I’m sick to death of hearing. She also loves to watch Bing and Peppa Pig. Free on IOS + Android

Toca Band


This is such a colourful exciting app for her, it’s simple to use. There is a number of instruments at the bottom of the screen each with their own character which you drag and drop onto the stage, then all the music plays together. You can also drag them onto the middle where it will zoom in on that one instrument where there are fun things to interact with. The music is really catchy! My favourite character is the rapping DJ guy as he is really cool. It always makes me laugh when he shouts “peace!”. £1.49 on IOS only.

In The Night Garden – All Aboard The Ninky Nonk


She loves the show and watches it on YouTube, she has some of the toys so we got her the app. It’s really well done! There is an activity for each character and the songs from the show are on. Her favourites are colouring in Upsy Daisy and washing faces with Makka Pakka because she gets to pop the bubbles. £1.99 on IOS + Android.

Doodle Kids


Another bright fun simple app, she loves doodling and even if she is drawing over the same bit over again it’s changes colour so you can always see the last bit that you drew. The neon colours look really good. The only downfall with the app is the bar of adverts at the top that are aimed at children so she always clicks them and it takes you to a shop. It’s annoying and you have to pay for the app to get rid of this, something that’s worth doing if they will be using it. Free on IOS + Android.

Talking Ginger


I know that this app has been huge for ages but we have only just discovered it. She loves cats so she enjoys talking to it and it repeating what she said. She also joins in with grooming and stroking it. Free on IOS + Android.

She will be two next month and we have been looking at the Amazon Kindle Kids tablet which they will replace if your kid breaks it. This sounds very good as I am worried about the iPad. Incase you don’t follow me on social media she broke our 50″ flat screen TV at Christmas by pushing it off the stand and the screen smashed. So I think we will look into the Amazon tablet more. It comes with a heavy-duty kids case too.

Do you let you child use a tablet or smart phone? – Jodie X


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