Nana’s Manners – A Great Invention For Little Hands 

I will admit that I am nearly 30 and my husband often comments on how useless I am using cutlery, especially a knife. I just do what works for me but i guess it was something that I was never actually taught.
Nana’s Manners have invented a kids cutlery set which is shaped perfectly for little hands. The contours guide you on how to hold them correctly and they even come with a little sticker set to stick one on your finger and the another on the knife or fork to show you where to put your hand and match up your finger. I think that it’s a great idea and I know that I would have definitely benefitted from this as a child (maybe even now haha). 

They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign and have 29 days left to raise enough funds. Please check out their campaign and see if it’s something that you would be interested in. Let me know what you think in the comments below?

-Jodie X 


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