My Favourite Fashion Brands For Nursing Mothers

As a mother who has been breastfeeding for nearly 2 years I have always struggled with something nice to wear! All specific nursing tops and dresses are always very floaty, drab and have room for a bump. As someone who loves fashion I have felt restricted to button down dresses and tops that have room for a vest underneath.

I am going to my first ever PR event next month and I’ve been looking around for something nice to wear that is breastfeeding friendly as I want to be able to wear it again. Wedding season will be on us soon and we will have a few christenings to go to later this year so I want to make sure that I look good. I honestly thought that we would have stopped breastfeeding by this summer but it hasn’t happened. Sophia still feeds on demand which can be as much as a newborn sometimes. I really miss wearing gorgeous dresses and I’ve since got rid of my collection as they don’t fit anymore and I can’t breastfeed in them anyway.

On my search I have come across 2 awesome brands that are providing breastfeeding mothers with fashionable clothing with no frumpiness in sight, hallelujah!

Mothers Love Fashion



If I saw a women wearing any of these I wouldn’t have a clue that it was designed for breastfeeding! These beautiful dresses can be dressed up or down and are perfect for weddings or events! My favourites are this gorgeous black jumpsuit and this nude pink dip hem dress. The black jumpsuit is currently sold out in my size nooooo! but it’s also available in this beautiful khaki colourway too. I am so glad that I’m not the only mother who has seen this gap in the market for fashionable clothes for nursing mothers who don’t have a bump, as up until now there has been nothing.



If you have known me for a while then you will know that I also like the rockabilly pin-up style of dress (Dita Von Teese is my idol), that is why I especially love these Frugi dresses. They are very ‘me’ are in the 50s styling which is perfect for casual or occasion wear. My favourites are the Summer Tie Dress and the red Skater Dress, they are so beautiful and I can imagine rocking one of these with a large flower in my hair and feeling like my old self again. Also all Frugi clothes are made from organic cotton and they make the cutest kids clothes too.

If you can recommend any further nursing friendly brands please comment below or contact me via email! – Jodie x



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