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Review: Boon Cogs Bath Toy




There is a new go-to website for all your parenting needs and its called Kidly, the website looks very bright, modern and inviting. It’s designed with big bold pictures and it looks absolutely fantastic. Kidly is different because before they sell any product they get real parents out here on the front lines to test it out first, and if it isn’t good enough then it doesn’t make the cut. Every item on the website has a small review and photographs from a real life parent testing it out. I love reading product reviews and I rely on them heavily before making any purchase so I absolutely love the concept of this website, it’s genius!.

Kidly aren’t just a pretty face as they also give money back to charities to help children which include Buttle UK who help children living in crisis situations and Hope For Children helping street children in India get access to basic needs such as food, shelter and healthcare. India is important to Kidly as it’s where their own brand products are made.

I signed up a while ago to be a product tester and I was absolutely delighted when an email flashed in my inbox asking if we wanted to test out these Boon Bath Cogs. Sophia is definitely a water baby and she absolutely loves her ‘splash splash’ bath time so I knew that we would be a great match to test these out. I’m quite fussy with bath toys and I’ve thrown a lot away because they are always hollow which make a perfect place to grow mold. I absolutely hate any bath squirter type of toy and I make sure if Sophia has one them that it gets thrown away after about month as I’m super paranoid about mold. She once threw her Sophie Giraffe in the bath and that got mold quite quickly I was mortified so I hate anything like that now.

When the bath cogs arrived the box was nice and light and the cogs where very easy to remove from the packaging, no annoying zip ties or anything like that. The packaging was minimal and recyclable which is good as a lot of kid toys are over packaged these days. Sophia enjoys playing with these cogs by moving them around, making them all turn or by pouring water over them.

Plus points:

  • They are hollow, so they are easy to clean – no where for mold to hide for miss paranoid here.
  • Minimal packaging, well presented, recyclable, no zip ties.
  • They are great quality and feel very well made so i know that they will last.
  • Fun and educational to play with.
  • BPA free
  • Fit with Boon Pipe water toy too.

For my full review and more info on this cool bath toy please click here


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