Seasalt Sale Picks


I love the brand Seasalt for its great quality nautical style. My personal favourite piece has been my Lottie Dress in the print Tacking Cornish, it’s a few years old now and has been my go to summer dress but unfortunately it’s far too big since loosing my baby weight. When I’ve just seen that the newer prints of the Lottie dress have gone into the recent sale my heart skipped a beat. It’s such a beautiful dress and because it’s a button down front I could easily breastfeed in it. One of my favourite things about Seasalt is the length of the skirts and dresses, i hate mini skirts so i always want a skirt that is knee-length or just below and i also want to look fashionable and not ‘mumsy’. I find that Seasalt fit the bill perfectly.


I’ve looked through the sale this morning and rounded up my favourite picks to share with you, they are

I’m a size 10 and a couple of things have sold out in my size already so if you want anything you will have to be quick. I’m a bit gutted as the Kickwheel dress would have been perfect for breastfeeding in too 😦

Let me know if you have any favourites to share – Jodie x


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