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Smiggle Store Opening


I have always loved stationary especially pencil cases, I was completely obsessed with them in school and i was always buying new ones or swapping them. I think that is where my crazy handbag obsession has stemmed from my love of pencil cases. I love having lots of pockets and everything having its own place.

I’ve been following Smiggle on Instagram for a while now as they have the cutest stationary! Everything is so kawaii and fluffy, it’s 10-year-old me’s idea of heaven, so when i saw that one was opening in Wigan i was quite excited.

Things got even more exciting when I entered and won a Facebook competition run by The Grand Arcade shopping centre to officially open the store and have £50 to spend. I was absolutely over the moon as going to the stationery shop to pick out next terms pencil-case, pens and pencils was a huge deal for me when I was in school. Back then i was always on a small budget and to now be told you can buy whatever you want in here is like a dream come true! I was definitely like a kid in a candy store.

My picks were

and because I spent £50 i got a couple of free gifts to choose from so i picked a retro talking alarm clock £18 and a Robo spider diy kit £11.50.

Sophia had a great time too and was very well-behaved. The cat lunch bag is for her and I’m sure that we will get lots of use out of it. Overall I love Smiggle and we will definitely be going back for more stationary treats.They have a whole range of drinks bottles which I was eyeing up so I will have to pick one of those up next time. – Jodie x



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