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I thought that I would report back and let you all know how my operation went. It all went well and im just trying to take it easy and keep movement to a minimum.

On the morning of my op I spoke to the anethatist as I didn’t know if they were putting me to sleep or not. I asked about my options and he said that they were going to give me a general and that I would be asleep so no options. He said that the cyst was in quite deep so fair enough, I trusted him and I was slightly relieved that I wouldn’t be awake.

I went in the hospital at 7.30am and unfortunately I was one of the last ones called down to surgery at 1pm so I was starving due to fasting and I had a massive headache. They promised to put some paracetamol through my drip to help though and when I came around at 2pm my headache was gone.

They took me back to the ward and gave me some water and a cup of tea, they brought me a turkey sandwich which I swear that it was the best tasting turkey sandwich i’ve ever eaten. Since i’d had a general  Ihad to stay in for 2 hours observation so I had some time to kill, thankfully it went pretty quick but it was hard as I didn’t see my daughter until 5.30pm. It was the longest time that ive been away from her and gone without breastfeeding her. The anesthetist advised me not to breastfeed for 24 hours but after gathering more specific info from the Breastfeeding Network I concluded that I was ok to bf. Women who have been put to sleep for c sections bf straight away and I know that the drugs have a very small half-life, I needed to be more worried about the painkillers that I was taking. I don’t like going against medical advice and I tried to keep it to a minimum but I just knew that there was no-way that I could tell her no as she would just help herself anyway.

It’s been a few days now and we are all fine, I’m trying not to take many painkillers at all, they have given me paracetamol and codeine but im hoping now that im over the worst. Yesterday I took my bandage off and changed the dressing so I saw my wound for the first time and I honestly nearly fainted. I’m so soft haha, I went all light-headed and dizzy, then my hearing was going all whooshy so i had to go and lie down. I’ve only got 4 stitches and it looks very neat but I caught the dressing and made it bleed. I’m not touching it again until I have the stitches out in 10 days. I will be scared to have them out incase it hurts and I faint eek but I will be fine.

Overall I am ok just frustrated as I can hardly do anything for myself, luckily my husband is off work for a week so he has been looking after us both and family have been to help too.

I can’t –

  • wash myself
  • put my hair in a bobble
  • fasten my bra
  • dress my daughter
  • change her nappy
  • pick her up
  • write or carry anything with my right hand.
  • get my right hand wet

I feel completely useless as I didn’t think that the recovery would be this challenging but it’s definitely testing. My whole forearm is badly bruised but thankfully the swelling isn’t that bad thanks to the tight bandage that I kept on for the first 2 days. Anyway today is my daughters second birthday so im going to enjoy that and try to keep my mind occupied. I plan to be back blogging about something more interesting soon – Jodie x


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