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Review: Funbite Food Cutter

Since I started baby led weaning during my daughters first year I became obsessed with bento box lunches and divided plates thanks to Instagram. You only need to search for any one of these hashtags #blw #bentobox #yumbox to be shown an array of adorable lunches that look like they belong in a magazine.

That is where I discovered the Funbite cutter, it basically cuts your sandwiches into small adorable shapes in the hope that your fussy toddler will like it and maybe even eat it. Mine likes to just open it and eat the ham off but we are getting closer to full eaten sandwich. I know that she likes sandwiches but she is just going through a no bread phase. As well as this love heart shape there are triangles, squares and even a minion face so whats not to love. You can also use the cutter on other foods such as fruit, vegetables or cheese and they are the perfect size to make little sandwich or fruit kebabs too.

I feel that this are going to be a lunchbox staple for us for many years to come and I’m glad that I finally got on, they are usually £10 which is what I paid but they have just gone in the sale down to £6.59 here at Belo & Me. Let me know what you think – Jodie x



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