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Introducing Ninni Skincare


Ninni is an exciting new Scandinavian skin care brand founded earlier this year by Katarina Stetz. Katarina has two degrees one in chemical engineering and the other in business, she used to work for a large cosmetics company and saw a gap in the market for a natural skin care brand that can be personalised to the customers skin.

I’ve always had normal skin and I’ve been quite lucky with no spots or ache but since having my daughter it’s never been the same. My skin is now dry, I don’t know whether it’s due to me not paying it as much attention as I used to as since becoming a mother my beauty routine was soon out of the window and some days I was lucky if I got time to brush my hair. I’m sure that a lot of it has been due to the hormones but I noticed that the skin on my face was very dry especially on my forehead.

I  currently cleanse my skin twice a day with my regular Good Things Manuka Honey Cleanser and then I apply either the Ninni day or night cream. I am very impressed with how quick these creams are absorbed into my skin, it feels like my skin is thirsty and is drinking it all in. I was previously using the Good Things Manuka Honey moisturiser but I found that it did kind of just sit on top of my skin and look greasy so I really like how this works! I also love both of the scents. I’m not usually a fan of lavender but it’s very mild and I find it soothing, my skin definately feels softer and less dry after using these creams over the past month.

There are currently 2 products available, a day moisturiser and a night moisturiser, which Katarina plans to expand further later in the year. I’ve had the pleasure of testing out both of these creams, my day cream is the lemon and rosemary scent where as my night cream is the lavender and chamomile. I really couldn’t pick a favourite as they work so well together and they are both great for different reasons. The day cream is very light and is perfect for under make up where as the night cream is a bit thicker and heavy-duty. Either could be used for the day or night-time but the different active ingredients in each set them apart, it really depends on your needs. The day cream is full of antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals that can be found in pollution where as the night cream is packed with vitamins and hyaluronic acid to hydrates the skin.

I like how Ninni have chosen a pump bottle as I find these more hygienic to use compared to plastic tubs or glass jars of cream. I love the whole concept behind the brand and I feel like I couldn’t find this elsewhere, I also love how it is manufactured here in the UK.

The creams are made in 3 steps which are –

Step 1 – Staring with the base moisturiser which is made up of natural ingredients such as rosehip fruit oil, thistle oil and crambe seed oil.

Step 2 – The active ingredients are added to make it into either the day or the night cream. The day cream is a lot lighter and would make a great makeup primer, it contains lots of antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and it contains glycerin for hydration. The night cream contains hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Step 3 – The scent is then added if you want one. It’s nice to have the choice as I’ve loved creams in the past but hated the scent which has put me off using it.

The Ninni creams are £59 for a 50ml, you can find out more information and buy them  here.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge to review. I am not paid for this review and all thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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