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Asda Little Angels Newborn Baby Kit

If there is one thing I remember in the first few weeks of parenthood it was how close family members would pop around with a pack of nappies or two which was always very welcome. It was such a great gift as apart from saving us money it was a great way for us to try out lots of different brands of nappies and see what worked best for us.

When I was at the Asda Little Angels Blogger event in Leeds yesterday (I had a wonderful time btw, I will post more about that later) what really caught my eye was the Asda Little Angels Newborn giftbox! What a great idea as to be honest nappies as a gift never looks pretty but this neat little box includes:

  • A full pack of Newborn size 2 nappies (38) featuring the new Dreamskin technology.
  • Small pack of extra sensitive baby wipes (16)
  • Nappy sacks (75)
  • Swim nappies (2)
  • Voucher booklet


All this for only £4! What a bargain. I will definitely be buying a few of these bad boys soon as I have a couple of close family members and friends pregnant at the moment. Most people will get Pampers nappies as a gift as a lot of people believe that the most expensive product must be the best and to be honest I am guilty of being a bit of a brand snob but I am confident that when my sister in law and best friend try the Asda Little Angels nappies in comparison to Pampers that they will see them as superior and be converted to Asda Little Angels just like me.

This Newborn nappy is enriched with the new Dreamskin technology and is the only nappy in the UK to offer this added polymer. The polymer is perfect for delicate skin and isn’t noticeable by touch or smell. It’s clinically proven to soothe and protect your newborns skin. It also helps to regulate temperature and keep skin moisturised. These nappies like the other Newborn option feature the time-to-change wetness indicator and a very handy size up guide. Like most of the Little Angels range these are £3.75 per pack or 3 for £10.

At the event yesterday we did a blind touch test between a Asda Little Angels nappy and a Pampers one to see which felt the softest and the whole room was in agreement that the Little Angels nappy was considerably softer to touch.

A recent survey states the Little Angels out performed Pampers, Aldi Mamia in all categories ranking highest in terms of value for money/price, overall quality and absorbency*.

Asda’s Little Angels nappies have recently all be re-vamped so if you haven’t tried them yet what are you waiting for? – Jodie x

littleangels.pngDisclaimer: I am not paid to write this post, all thoughts and opinions here are my own.*SurveyMonkey, Mother and Baby Magazine, Total Responses: 268, Ran from 9th April to 9th May 2016



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