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Baby and Toddler Show Ticket Giveaway

I remember when I was pregnant and I had this huge list of stuff to buy and nowhere to really turn to for expert advice. I found that not a lot of local shops displayed the large ticket items, it was all order online and hope for the best type of thing so I relied heavily on blogger… Continue reading Baby and Toddler Show Ticket Giveaway

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Preparing For Potty Training

Since Sophia turned two last month I’m feeling pressured to start potty training.She is starting to show some signs that she understands the concept and she has been on her potty a few times, but nothing is constant though. I personally don’t feel that she is ready to train just yet so I’m going to hold… Continue reading Preparing For Potty Training

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Small Leather Bag Round-Up

Since becoming a mum bags are especially important to me, I literally can’t leave the house without one, so it depends on where I’m going and who with to which bag I choose to take with me. I believe that every mum should have 3 types of bag at hand. The ‘All-Rounder’ a changing bag for… Continue reading Small Leather Bag Round-Up