Mamas Collective Mother Pukka Meet Up

Last week I went to my first Mamas Collective meet up, I can’t believe that I’ve never been to one before. It was held at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester.

This meet up had the wonderful Mother Pukka as a guest speaker and I was really looking forward to going. It was a child friendly environment which is great but I choose not to take sophia as I know that she wouldn’t sit still or quiet for very long and that combined with the fact that she’s travel sick I knew that I didn’t want to take her. Thankfully my Mother-in-Law came to the rescue and minded her for the day.

Even though I’m from Wigan which is close to Manchester it was still a bit of a mission for me to get there, I got a bus for half an hour from where I live to Wigan town centre where I got a train for 50 minutes and then I had a 10 minute walk. It really wasn’t that bad and I would definitely go again. I loved being able to put my headphones in and listen to music on my travels something that you never get to do once you’re a mum and travelling with a child. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I’d listening to music before this.

I was looking forward to meeting some other bloggers and ladies that I speak to on social media and it was nice to put some faces to names. Everyone was even more lovely in real life to.

Anna was such an inspiration, she is so genuine and down to earth, she is amazing! She answered everyone’s questions and told us funny parenting stories. She even stayed around to chat afterwards and take selfies with us. she gave us all lot’s of great tips for keeping our blogs true to ourselves. I really admire Anna as she has been through a lot in the past with post natal depression and suffering miscarriages, something which I can sadly relate to. Anna sticks up for a lot of us mothers especially on her Flex Appeal campaign speaking out about how hard it is for mothers to go back to work and how business no longer want them working there and can push them out. I want to work but after paying for a full day at nursery and my travel fees I would be working for basically nothing (a few quid) so it gets to a point where it’s not viable. It’s such a shame as I enjoyed working and we are very poor at the minute relying on my husbands wage, I don’t get much in the terms of benefits and there are times where we literally cannot afford food and family have to help us out. It’s rubbish and quite depressing, I would love to go back to work and make it work for me, so I’m currently looking for 16 hours or more in the Wigan area so if anyone has anything please get in touch with me.

Anna talks about what other women may be afraid to shout out about and she shares her parenting highs and lows with us all and it’s great knowing that we are all in this together and that we are as Anna says ‘Parenting The Shit Out Of Life’.

I will definitely going to back to the Mama’s Collective meet up’s and I’m gutted that I’ve missed previous ones with some other awesome mama’s that I admire a lot such as Zoe – Dress Like A Mum and Hollie – The Yes Mum.





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