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Cool Tote Bag Round-Up

I’ve found a chuck it all in and go tote bag to be essential to my new life as a parent. No fuss just lob it all in there and you’re off. I like to carry one folded up in my main bag so when I pop to the shop for choc dip and end up with a trolley full of crap I’m covered. I don’t need to pay that extra 5p for a bag haha. It’s also easier to carry my shopping over my shoulder than in my hand with a toddler loose on her reins.

Here is a round-up of my favourites –


Sirens and Pirates – Stash Bag £22

I’m a sucker for anything nautical and this stash bag is really cool. It’s available in 2 designs and 4 colours but this ‘chippy paper grey’ is my favourite even if just for the colour name. You won’t see that on a tin of Dulux haha. I love the 2 sided print and the fact that it has an inner pocket and a bonus cross body strap! It’s also a brand local to me as these bags are screen printed in the wonderful city of Manchester. These bags are 100% cotton canvas.

Little Hotdog Watson – Go Bag £12.99

Little Hotdog Watson don’t only make awesome kids hats y’know! This tote features long reinforced handles perfect for wearing over the shoulder. It’s made from 100% cotton canvas and fold up nice and small to tuck it into your handbag.

Selfish Mother – Mother Tote £9

This tote is made from organic cotton and is available in electric blue or hot pink. It features the 80’s Mother logo design and would make the perfect gift for any Mother.

Parent Apparel – Are We There Yet Tote £20

This eye-catching slogan tote has become a bit of a Instagram icon. This tote would be perfect days out, pack all your gear in and off you go. It’s made from 100% cotton canvas.

Alphabet Bags – Yawn Tote £20

A roomy tote featuring a handy inside pocket. It’s made from heavy weight natural canvas and is made here in the UK.

The Mama Squad Tote £12

A large heavy-duty tote made from canvas screen printed with an eye catching copper slogan. All net proceeds from the sale of these go to the PANDAS foundation which support Mama’s and families through pre- and post-natal depression.

There are some other awesome tote bags out there and these are just a round up of my favourites. Do you find a tote bag a essential item? – Jodie x

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3 thoughts on “Cool Tote Bag Round-Up

  1. Brilliant post. I’m the middle of writing a similar one after discovering my new Mama Squad bag. I can really fit everything in there. Love it that it hangs nicely on our BabyZen Stroller too. #mumsthatslay


  2. I love a tote bag so much, I now have a bag overflowing with tote bags!! I use them for the shopping and the kids’ toys and snacks if we’re out for a long day. That said there’s always room for new ones. Love your picks particularly The Selfish Mother ones! Thanks for linking up with #MumsThatSlay Yvadney xx


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