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Review: Trunki Toddlepak Reins

Before Sophia started walking I started researching toddler reins and weighing up the pros and cons of each to make a decision on which to buy. Back in the 80’s when I was toddling around I remember my mum using this horrible purple plastic rein that velcroed around my wrist, needless to say I hated it.

I decided that I definitely wanted to use reins with my daughter and that I would find some good quality ones that were comfortable and safe. After reading a few blog reviews it seemed like it was between the LittleLife backpack reins or these Trunki ones. Someone on my local Facebook selling group was selling a LittleLife butterfly backpack rei pretty cheap so I thought it was a sign and bought it. Well it didn’t last very long as it was horrible, it didn’t feel safe as when she fell down it would ride up and I thought it was going to come off over her head. It was also very bulky to carry.

Enter the Trunki Toddlepak, it was everything that I wanted in a toddler rein and more. I love the cute animal designs as it was really hard to choose a favourite, I loved the purple penguin the best but I decided to go for the more unisex yellow lion as we will save it away for if we have a no.2.

I absolutely love these reins and best of all so does she, as we are getting ready to go out she will put her arms out ready for me to put this on. It feels very safe and it’s easy to adjust if I decide to take her bulky coat off. I feel safe with it being a 2 part rein if somehow one side came unclipped that she wouldn’t be able to run off. I also love how it can be folded up small to carry around in my bag and we always get lot’s of compliments on their cuteness when out and about. Buy on Amazon here.

Do you use reins for your little one? – Jodie x


Disclaimer –  I am not sponsored or affilated with Trunki in any way. All thoughts and opinions here are my own. Post contains Amazon affliate links.

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