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Review: Toddlepod


Since day 1 I have always struggled with putting Sophia down for a nap, she has always preferred napping in my arms and no matter how gently I would put her down in her moses basket or cot she would wake up and the process would repeat.

That’s why we ended up co-sleeping and still do because she wanted to feel cuddled in my arms and feel my warmth and sense of security. All my mum friends would talk about how good nap time was because they could relax or get their housework done, My nap time was so different as it was spent sat on the couch with Sophia on my knee with a dead arm and dead leg. I would even try to coax her off onto the couch which was rarely successful and didn’t feel safe, I even tried side lying and getting her to sleep in our bed as we do at night and me sneaking away but for some reason she always knew and never slept longer than 30 minutes straight.

Needless to say this has been hard work for me and then came the Toddlepod. We visited our friends who had a baby and they had one, I had never heard them before but Sophia took to it and was happy to sit in it and play. I wondered if she would nap in one? and I added one to the wish list in my mind. Fast forward a few months and I was lucky enough to win one through a Facebook competition and I couldn’t be happier. We have had it over a year now and I can confirm that it changed our lives for the better. When she went to sleep on my knee as usual I would transfer her to the Toddlepod and about 70% of the time she would stay asleep in it which was amazing seeing as no other methods worked for me. She no longer naps in it because I can now transfer her to her toddler bed and she stays asleep in their thankfully but back in the early days this was an absolute god send, she still uses it now to sit in and watch her tablet or to play with her toys. The cover is easy to remove and is machine washable to. We are definately keeping this for if we have another baby because it’s been so useful I class it as a baby essential.

They also make a smaller version called the Poddlepod for ages 0-6 months and this one is larger and suitable for ages 6 months +, you can buy lots of cute covers for them too. I love the star print one that we have.

I think that it worked so well as Sophia kind of still felt like she was in my arms being cuddled due to the sides being raised. Overall I would recommend this to everyone, you can buy them here.

Have you heard of the Poddlepod? –  Jodie x

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Poddlepod in any way and all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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