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Lyme Disease Scare + Quitting Breastfeeding

A few days ago life was normal I was happily breastfeeding Sophia on demand as I have done for the past 2 years. I have been ready to quit for a while but she still gets a lot of comfort from it and uses it to go to sleep.

Fast forward to this week, a bite that I got o my ankle 2-3 weeks ago has got gradually worse and developed a ‘bulls eye ring’ around it which is a tell-tale sign for Lyme Disease. It looked infected and was very swollen so I went to see my Dr. He confirmed that it looked like Lyme disease but it’ a good sign that I havent really had any other symptoms. I have had a few headaches and a sore throat but that could be nothing. The truth is that he doesn’t really know, I  did get the bite from a wooden area (Pennigton Flash woods). I’m not too worried as he has put me on antibiotics to treat Lyme if worst case scenario it was that, the big problem is that he has told me to stop breastfeeding on them.

This is very hard and has come as a shock to us both, I feel quite upset about it as I guess I’m not ready to quit yet especially so suddenly, I’ve not had time to take it all in. Sophia is very upset as it’s hard with her being a toddler as if she is told ‘no’ then she will try and lift my top up to help herself. I’ve tried to make her understand that it’s all gone etc but she gets very upset and then asks in the sweetest voice ‘milk please’ and it breaks my heart. It doesnt help that she won’t drink cows milk, we have even bought some follow on milk but she won’t drink that either. She even started pulling some of her hair out in frusration, I did ask my Dr for breastfeedding friendly antibiotics but he told me that there was none. Of course I want what is best for her and I know that it’s dangerous for me to quit cold turkey as that can cause lots of problems. I no longer have a pump and I’ve tried to hand express but it doesn’t work I just don’t have the knack for it.

I sent my hubby to Aldi this morning for some cabbage leaves as I’ve heard that they help to dry up your milk but Aldi didn’t have any cabbages in. I’m feeling very sorry for myself as I’m in pain physically and emotionally. If anyone has any tips on how to stop breastfeeding please share with me in the comments box below.

As for the possible Lyme disease I’ve been told that blood tests won’t show anything for 6-7 weeks+ after the bite and that my antibiotics might show a false negative result anyway. I’m going to speak to my Dr again next week. The site of the bite is on my ankle and it currently hurts to walk on it. Have you ever had a bite or cellulitis that looked like this? I’m keeping away from Dr Google. – Jodie x

Even though I got bit 2.5 weeks ago the bulls-eye ring didn’t appear around the bite until Friday. It doesn’t look as swollen today so hopefully the antibiotics are kicking in. I’ve been prescribed Doxycline 100mg twice a day for 10 days.



3 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Scare + Quitting Breastfeeding

  1. Might not be any help but if you post a message in ‘can I breast feed in it? Off topic discussion’ group, some people there should able to put you in touch with a lady called Wendy (I think) who can look at breast feeding safe drugs. They can also hopefully give you some advice. Have you tried your local La Leche League group if you have one? Also, look up the Kellymom website, I believe it’s quite common to feel down if as you stop breastfeeding – so something to keep an eye on too. Sorry your Dr wasn’t more helpful. Wishing you & Sophia all the best!


  2. Your Lyme Rash was exactly like mine. Mine started as a horse shoe type shape. I never developed a fully positive result and those patients are the ones hardest to cure apparently. I’m 2 years post rash still suffering so stay on top of Progressive synptoms post antibiotic course. 30 days antibiotics is gold standard early on. Good luck


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