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Tommy’s Charity Feature My Pre-Eclampsia Story

Tommy’s is an amazing UK charity who are doing a lot of research into why miscarriages and still births happen and what they can do to prevent them. They support a lot of parents going through these heartbreaking times and are a charity close to my heart as like many people I myself have suffered a miscarriage in the past.

Tommy’s have been running a huge international study called SCOPE which looks into predicting and preventing complications in pregnancy. One of the complications they have been researching is Pre-Eclampsia something that I had never heard of before getting pregnant but I ended up being induced because of it.

Tommy’s have featured my Pre-Eclampsia story on their website, to read it please click here.

Please let me know if you have heard of Pre-Eclampsia before or know anyone who has suffered with it? – Jodie x




One thought on “Tommy’s Charity Feature My Pre-Eclampsia Story

  1. My daughters prematurity story is featured on tommys website too as part of the baby ballet fundraiser that is happening this month. I’ve loved reading this post and your story on their website. X


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