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Review: Lassig Neckline Changing Bag



I love changing bags of all shapes, sizes and prices and this one caught my eye on the John Lewis website. It is a gorgeous bag and I really love the unique design of it and how comfortable it looks to wear over the shoulder.

I have a lot of changing bags but there are quite a few things about this bag which really set it apart from the rest. It has a lot to offer that most bags do not, such as:

It’s eco-friendly, this bag is made from recycled PET material which is sourced from used plastic bottles, even the dye is eco-friendly and the handles are vegan leather.

It has a lot of great features that I’ve not come across in any other bag. The design of this bag is so well thought out I love it.

My favourite features:

  • Button press key fob release. A lot of changing bags now offer a key fob but this one goes one step further and includes a button key ring which you attach to your keys. With one click your keys are secured in your bag and with another press they are easily released. I really love this feature.
  • It has a dedicated baby wipe pocket. The pocket features a large cut out at the front so you can easily open your baby wipes whilst they are secured in the pocket. Every changing bag should have one of these in my opinion.
  • Lots of extras such as a large thermo-insulted bottle holder, can be removed and clipped onto your pram separately. I think that the bottle holder might even fir 2 small bottles stacked as it is quite tall. It also comes with a pair of good quality pram clips, removable canvas strap, a large lightly padded change mat and a separate zip pouch which can also be secured inside the bag. What a lot of great extras.
  • As well as the bottle holder one of the large front pockets is thermo-insulated too which makes it perfect for storing sandwiches, pumped breast milk or another bottle.
  • Inside as well as lots of organised pockets it has a removable ‘jar’ holder. I believe it is designed for the weaning stage for carrying baby food around and keeping them upright but I use it as a drinks holder instead of using the bottle holder now that we don’t use bottles. If you don’t want to use it then you can easily remove it to have extra room in the bag.
  • It features a large waterproof pocket suitable for damp or soiled clothing or even an umbrella. This pocket is such an added bonus for me as it saves you buying a wet bag. It can easily be wiped clean and would be perfect for anyone who uses cloth diapers, I would still recommend you use your own wet bag with cloth nappies though but this pocket is perfect for storing them away and keeping everything separate and hygienic in the bag.
  • This bag has a lot of space and after reading reviews of it myself online I was worried that it would be too big for me but when it arrived even though it is a large bag it isn’t too big. It’s lightweight and the profile of the bag is quite slim even when full it isn’t bulky.
  • It has lots of pockets and then some more, underneath the handles are 4 large hidden pockets, one features a mobile phone pocket, another the key fob key ring. These give quick easy access to anything that you might need. This bag would be absolutely perfect for a mother of multiples. I’m happy to use it now with my toddler but I believe that this bag will come into its own as a bag for multiple children.
  • It is very well made and I love the material, I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough, its gorgeous and the most practical bag I have ever had. It is definitely worth the price as it will last you for a long time through however many children you have. It can also make a great hospital or weekend bag.
  • I love that the bag stands up well even when lightly packed.
  • I love the large colour choice available and how the interiors of the bags are brightly coloured so you can easily see all the contents.
  • It’s won a lots of awards so you don’t need to just take my word for it that this bag is good.


  • The metal rings where you attach your pram clips to are on the side of the bag so it hangs of your pram at an angle.
  • No metal feet underneath for protection. This doesn’t really bother me as I don’t usually lay my bag down anywhere dirty anyway and if it did get dirt on it could be wiped clean. It does have a vegan leather strap underneath which may slightly raise the bag off the floor when packed.

After using it for a couple of weeks I’ve really got to know this bag and I love wearing it over my shoulder. It is very comfortable and something that most other bags don’t offer, they are usually a handbag style. Yes they come with a canvas strap but it isn’t as comfortable to wear your bag dangling down than it is to fit snugly under your arm like this one. I love it.

The quality is very impressive especially of the accessories, it is so well thought out. The zips and the branding feel very well made and for a large bag it isn’t heavy. Overall I would definitely recommend this bag to any mum. – Jodie x

This bag retails for £109.95 can buy it from John Lewis, they also make a smaller version called the Signature bag which retails at £65, this doesn’t come with any of the accessories though but they can be bought seperately.

Disclaimer: I was sent this bag free of charge to review, all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Lassig Neckline Changing Bag

  1. Hey, this is such a thorough review!! I love the sound of the key fob, because hunting for keys or trying to get them off when you have a screaming baby can be so stressful!! Great post and thank you for sharing on #MumsThatSlay (apologies it took me so long to read this!)

    Yvadney xx

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