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Fun Frozen Quiz

Christmas is quickly approaching and we are super excited about going to watch Disney On Ice presents Frozen! So to keep the excitement levels high we have been re-watching the film.

If you are Frozen fans like us then why not test your knowledge with this fun quiz? Have you seen the film 100+ times and think that you know it all word by word? Let’s see who knows more you or your little one.



  1. In which kingdom do Anna and Elsa live?
  2. Who helped Young Anna recover from being hit by Elsa’s powers?
  3. Who likes “warm hugs”?
  4. What is Kristoff’s profession?
  5. What Phrase does Elsa repeat when trying to control her powers?
  6. Why do the guards open up the gates of the palace?
  7. How many salad plates do Elsa and Anna own?
  8. Anna and Hans finish each other’s _____?
  9. What is the “amazing smell” Anna and Elsa detect at the coronation celebration?
  10. Who does the crazy dance with Anna at Elsa’s coronation?
  11. Why doesn’t Elsa want Anna to marry Hans?
  12. What does Elsa build during the song “Let It Go”?
  13. What is Sven’s favourite snack?
  14. Which animals chase after Anna, Kristoff and Sven when they begin to search for Elsa?
  15. What is Olaf’s favourite season?
  16. What animal does Olaf dance with in his song about Summer?
  17. What is the name of the enormous icy snowman that Elsa creates?
  18. Fill in the blank. “Some people are worth ____ __.”?
  19. When Elsa breaks Arendelle’s eternal Winter, what does she do to stop Olaf from melting?

We scored a ok 17 out of 19 score but I’m sure some of you can do better. I will post all the answers below. Please let me know how you scored by tweeting us all @wigan_mum, @disneyonice and @echoarena with your results.

We will be watching Disney On Ice presents Frozen at the Liverpool Echo Arena and I’m super excited! They have just added a new show date which is on Friday 2nd December at 2.30pm. Frozen will be at the Liverpool Echo Arena from 30th November – 4th December. If you are looking to buy tickets please click here.



  1. The Kingdom of Arendelle.
  2. Grand Pabbie.
  3. Olaf.
  4. He is an ice harvester.
  5. “Conceal it…don’t feel it…don’t let it show.”
  6. Elsa’s coronation. Bonus point for knowing – how long have the gates been closed? 13 years.
  7. 8000.
  8. Sandwiches.
  9. Chocolate.
  10. The Duke of Weselton.
  11. Because Anna and Hans just met.
  12. An ice castle.
  13. Carrots.
  14. Wolves.
  15. Summer.
  16. Seagulls.
  17. Marshmallow.
  18. “Melting for.”
  19. She creates a snow flurry that follows him where ever he goes.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Liverpool Echo Arena. All photos are owned by Feld Entertainment.




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