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Review: Wheatlea Park, Restaurant + Soft Play

We were very kindly contacted by Brewers Fayre asking if I wanted to attend the launch event of their brand new Wigan location – Wheatlea Park. I very happily accepted and I couldn’t wait to check it out. The location used to be Taybarn’s which I have visited on a few occasions but I didn’t rate it at all, I honestly never planned to go back as the food was  very poor quality. Before it was Taybarn’s it was called Wheatlea Park so it’s nice that Brewers Fayre have reverted it back to it’s old name. The location has had a complete over haul and it now includes a Dennis the Menace themed soft play area.

Wheatlea Park is situated right next to a Premier Inn and thankfully it has lots of parking. When I walked in I loved the revamp. For such a big place it felt very homely and cosy, there is a waiting area to the right that has some very large luxurious chairs, it reminded me of a cosy snow lodge. We didn’t have to wait long until we were shown to our table which was right through the restaurant and located in the soft play area. The soft play area is accessed through some large double doors and is separate from the restaurant. This is great as you don’t have to worry about your little one running off around the restaurant and I’m sure it helps to keep the noise in the dining room to a minimum. The soft play area is supervised by staff as they have a desk right next to the door. You are still in charge of your children but it’s good to know that there are an extra set of eyes around.


Some Brewers Fayre offer a free play area but I assume because this one is bigger and supervised they have decided to charge. A small fee of £3 for 90 minutes play is very fair and I am very happy to pay that. Eating out with my toddler is a bit of a nightmare for us as she just wants to run around, surprise eggs and colouring can only keep her occupied for so long. One of us spends the whole time running around after her and we rarely get to eat our food at the same time. It felt so good to be able to do this for a change and not have to worry about her running around causing havoc.




What I loved about it:

  • The play area is separate from the restaurant and the fact that it is supervised by staff made it feel safe.
  • Everything was clean from the toys to the dining area.
  • It didn’t smell unpleasant like most soft play centres, it smelled fresh and had a good air con system going. I was very happy to eat in that area.
  • It had a great area for toddlers. My daughter is only 2 and I find that restaurant soft play areas are usually aimed at older kids 4+ but this one has a dedicated toddler area that was larger than some my local soft play centres. It also had a great large area for the older kids too.
  • There isn’t much seating to dine in the soft play area but if you sit in the main restaurant you can still  keep an eye on your child as they have large screens about showing live video footage from inside the soft play area.
  • The music wasn’t too loud. We could happily chat and hear each other at the table.
  • They have more than 1 baby change! There is the usual baby change in the disabled toilet and they also have a baby change in the women’s toilet which is good to know.
  • They do kids party’s which is good to keep in mind and they have a separate party area called ‘The Den’. I looked into the pricing of this and found it very reasonable at £8.99 per child which included food, play and a goodie bag.
  • They even thought about younger children too as they had 2 baby walkers for babies to play in. They also had 2 Little Tikes red cars which I loved. This was something that set it apart from other play areas for me as they have really thought about all ages.
  • The food was very good. We all enjoyed our food and drink and my husband especially liked that there was a Costa coffee machine. I think you could pay approx £2.50 for limitless Costa coffee. Which is great as you usually pay that just for one.
  • They had free WI-FI this is always something that I look for now as we usually like to bring her tablet along to bribe her with games if she isn’t behaving.
  • They have free colouring sheets and crayons available.



Anything I didn’t like?

  • There was nothing that I didn’t like but I worry that it may be difficult to get seating in the soft play area if you want to specifically dine in there.

Overall we had a great time and definitely plan to go back as we all loved it and the prices were very reasonable with 2 adult mains for £10.99 during the week. They had a great menu but the main thing that attracts us to this place over any other eatery is the soft play area. It definitely made eating out more enjoyable for the whole family. If you are thinking of going I would recommend booking a table online here as it did seem very busy when we left so we will be booking a table in the future to avoid any disappointment.

Disclaimer: We were invited as part of a VIP opening event, our food and drink was provided free of charge in return for a honest review. I am not sponsored by Brewers Fayre and all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Wheatlea Park, Restaurant + Soft Play

    1. It is really good especially compared to Taybarns which I didn’t like at all. Only thing though is that is seems very busy at the minute so I would say booking in is a must. X


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