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Asda Little Angels Christmas Nappies


Every year Asda Little Angels bring out a special edition Christmas nappy and they have just hit the stores this week!

We getting into the Christmas spirit with Asda Little Angels as we have been kindly sent a pack of these nappies to try out. We are well acquainted with the Asda Supreme Protection range of nappies as they are our favourites! See my full review here. This Christmas nappy is only available in the supreme protection range and the sizes available are 4+, 5+ and 6+ only. Sophia is a size 5 so we normally buy those regular ones but because these are only available in the + version it gives us a good chance to try those out. The 5+ is exactly the same size as the 5 the difference is that it is more absorbent. We have tried it out overnight and had no problems but we never get any problems with the regular size 5.

I really love the Father Christmas design on the nappy and so does Sophia it feels special to her to wear a Christmas themed nappy rather than a regular one. At the moment she doesn’t like to have her nappy changed as I will tell her to go lie down on her mat to be changed and she will say no and cry but if I say I will put you a Christmas one on then she says ok. I think it’s just because it is a fun novelty for her which is good.


These nappies are priced at £3.50 per pack which is a bit cheaper than the regular Supreme Protection packs which are priced at £3.75 each but these Christmas ones have 2 less nappies in each pack compared with the regular ones.

Size 4+, pack of 36

Size 5+, pack of 32

size 6+, pack of 22.

Overall I recommend these christmas themed nappies as a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit as it’s a good way to try the plus range if you have never tried them before.

Disclaimer: I was sent these nappies free of charge under no obligation to review, all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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