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Parenting Survivors Club Milestone Cards

The are a lot of baby milestone cards about at the moment but I love these alternative milestone cards created by Rosie and Lee who are parenting of 2 children. These cards are funny and very relatable for any parent as they show very realistic and funny situations, but beware some might make you laugh so much that you pee a little.

You get 25 cards in a pack and these would make the perfect baby shower gift as they come gift wrapped in a cute box. These cards are getting a lot of love on Instagram at the moment and very rightly so, I’m sure that most mums can relate to throwing their hair in a mum bun and looking forward to a gin at the end of a crazy week.


Even though my daughter is nearly 2 and a half I still love these cards and find them very relatable so they aren’t just for new mums. The Parenting Survivors Club also have a Dad pack of cards available too!

As a special offer you can get 10% off by entering the code WIGANMUM at the checkout.

You can buy these cards from Etsy here.

Disclaimer: I was sent this item free of charge in return of a honest review. 

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