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Review: Busy B Family Diary 2017


I currently use a regular diary for my day to day life and a separate blog planner for blog post ideas and schedules etc. So when I saw the Family Diary by Busy B with its 4 separate columns I knew that I could organise my family life and blogging life all in one place.

I have had a Busy b diary before so I knew that they are amazing quality with a great attention to detail. It really does feel like a luxury item, I love the soft faux leather cover with the gold debossed foil lettering to the front. My first thoughts on this family planner were very positive I was very happy with its size (a5) as I was expecting it to be quite large but a5 is the perfect size for storing in my handbag so that I can always carry it with me. Also I love the fact that it isn’t a hardcover something that I personally don’t like, I always even only buy soft cover books if I can.

The diary doesn’t start until the end of December so I haven’t been able to use it yet but I can’t wait. I know that it is going to be perfect for all my family and blogging needs together in one place. I especially love that it has a couple of storage pockets inside and some perforated tear off note pages at the back that you can store in the pouches or you can use washi tape to stick any important notes/shopping lists to your current week. This diary has a lot going for it and it has been very well thought out, I also love how you can buy a separate sticky note pad and attach it to back page of the diary very easily as it has a ready-made slot for it to fit into.

The main thing that drew me to this diary over any other is the internal organisation as across 2 pages you have 1 week, on the left you have all the days of the week like a regular diary complete with a column for notes and reminders. On the right hand page you have 4 columns to plan up to 4 schedules of different family members. I plan to use mine for – column 1 my daughters appointments, play group times or any parties etc. column 2, a daily meal planner. Column 3, My blog – daily to do lists, blog post ideas and social media planning etc. If I need more space then I can merge columns 3 & 4 together or I can just use column 4 as a regular to do list and maybe shopping planner. Basically the options are endless it depends on whatever suits your personal needs best. I can’t wait to use it and show you some examples of how it works for me.


I think  that this diary would make a great gift! This Family Diary is currently Β£12.99 and you can purchase one here.

Disclaimer: I was very kindly sent this diary free of charge in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Busy B Family Diary 2017

  1. I’ve had Busy B diaries in the past and always been happy with them, they are great quality. I love the layout in this family diary it would certainly make organising my brood much easier. #TriedTested

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  2. Ooh this diary looks great! I love diaries but haven’t found one that can contain everything we do as a family and blogging things all in one place. This looks like I could organise everything perfectly! πŸ™‚


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