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Review: 3M Peltor Kids Ear Defenders

My daughter is nearly 2 and a half so I knew that this Bonfire night would be the first one that she would really know what’s going on and could join in with things and enjoy it. With all things toddler related there is a chance that things could go downhill fast so we wanted to be prepared as much as we could. I honestly hadn’t heard of children’s ear defenders before as it wasn’t something that I had thought about but now that bonfire night is over I wonder how I would have managed without them.
We were very kindly offered these 3M Peltor kids ear defenders to review and I jumped at the chance as I thought that these are a great idea. They come in 2 colours neon pink or neon green and my first impression is that they feel very good quality. I tried these on and even though they are too small they still worked very well at blocking out loud noise so I can only imagine how good they work on a child who they fit properly. I also love the size of these as you could use them on a baby all the way up until the age of 7.

We booked tickets to our local bonfire and fireworks display something that I was greatly looking forward to as I hadn’t been to a fireworks display since I was a kid. Running up to bonfire night fireworks were being set off most evenings and the loud ones would make her jump and stop what she was doing, she didn’t like the sudden loud noises so I knew that the ear defenders were going to be needed for the upcoming fireworks display.

Before we went out we got ready and put on lots of layers of clothing as it was already freezing, we went into the garden were Sophia had a go with her very first sparkler and she absolutely loved them. I packed some snacks and sweets in my bag along with a light up wand to keep her occupied whilst out as I knew that we would be out for a couple of hours and she hadn’t napped so might be cranky.

The ear defenders are nice and light and great for travel, I carried them in my changing bag and just put them on her before the fireworks started, I saw other kids wearing them too and I got quite a few comments from other parents on Instagram beforehand stating how much of a good idea they were. Sophia was very happy to wear them and they fit nicely on her head with or without a hat on (I placed them over the top of her hat). It was nice knowing that she wouldn’t be scared of the loud bangs and maybe cry so we would have to come home which I was prepared to do but thankfully we didn’t need to. She looked up at the sky in awe and watched her very first fireworks display, it was a night that I will never forget. At one point she did take them off, but she quickly asked for them back on when the next bang went off.

Overall I am very impressed with the ear defenders and I would highly recommend them. Here is why I love them:

  • These protected my child’s hearing and also stopped her from being scared so she was able to join in with an activity that she otherwise may not have liked.
  • The sizing is great! These could fit a baby all the way up to 7 years old so I know that we will get many more years of using these.
  • Light and easily transportable.
  • Not just for bonfire night. These could also be used at a wedding when your child wants to nap. At Christmas and New Years eve parties which may be loud and involve more fireworks. Also they could be used at a festival as there are lots more family friendly ones about these days. These could protect your little ones ears from the loud music.

To find out where to buy these please click here.

Disclaimer: I was sent this item free of charge in return of an honest review, all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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