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Lyme Disease Scare – Update

So since I posted about my Lyme Disease scare back in September not much has happened but I wanted to keep you all updated.

I am currently waiting for my blood test results coming back via the NHS, they told me it could take about 3-4 weeks to complete but now we are into week 5. My Doctor’s receptionist phoned the lab last Friday to chase them up and they have said that I will hopefully have the results next week. Normal blood tests usually take about 1 week but as this is a specialist test they have gone to the micro biology lab. I know that the blood test for Lyme Disease is a 2 part test the first being the ELISA and if this is positive or unequivocal then they do the Western Blot test. Lyme Disease can only be confirmed if both tests are positive.

Testing for Lyme Disease is also very difficult to do, even if the blood tests are negative it doesn’t mean 100% that I don’t have it. The results could also be effected by the 2 weeks of antibiotics that I had so I don’t really know what to expect. I currently feel fine apart from the norovirus that I’m just getting over.

How it effected breastfeeding for me – Omg what a nightmare! due to the antibiotics I was advised not to bf, I contacted BFN who have more information about drugs and breastfeeding. I was told that I could still bf on this antibiotic. I decided that at 2.5 I would like to use this opportunity to stop or cut down, my daughter still bf on demand and feeds a lot during the day. I let her have a milk to get to sleep at night but daytime was an absolute nightmare as I was telling her no a lot, she was exhausted but wouldn’t have a daytime nap without milk. We bought bottles and follow on milk but she wouldn’t drink it. She won’t drink cows milk and the days were long and hard, we both hated it. After I finished the antibiotics I fed her in the day and her daytime nap was back. The problem is that trying to stop cold turkey had traumatized her as she wasn’t ready to stop and now she feeds more than ever, I feel like we will never stop bf and I am so ready too but she obviously isn’t. I feel like it was a huge step back on our bf journey.

I will update you when I get the results. – Jodie x

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