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Review: Tum Tum Tots Weany Set

I was recently asked if I would like to review the Tum Tum Tots new Weany range. Sophia is a very fussy eater and I knew that she would love the cute bear theme so I said yes. This range isn’t your generic plastic cheap rubbish that you can pick up on the high street the plate is made from bamboo fibre so it’s biodegradable and the whole range is BPA and Phthalate free which is something that I find important. Cheap plastic table wear and toys can be covered in chemicals which then get ingested through your food and drink so I try to avoid them.

My first thoughts on the set is that I love the unisex colour and design, I also love the portion size of the bear plate, I feel that it is a good size for a toddler and the ears are a great place for serving fruit/veg or a dip. As my daughter is a fussy eater I find that she is more likely to eat a meal if it looks fun. I also love the plates ‘stay put’ feature which is a removable sucker that sticks to the underside of the plate.


My favourite items out of the range are the Stay Put Dippy Face Bear Plate and the Tippy Up Cup. At first glance I thought that this cup might be slightly too old for my 2.5 year old but she loves it. I really struggle to get her to drink water throughout the day and I’m always reminding her to have a drink. We have been using this cup all week and I have found that she has drunk a lot more water than she usually drinks I don’t know if it’s because it is clear and she can see it but it’s doing something right. It looks very cute and when tipped up with the lid open or closed it doesn’t spill. What I also really like about this is the weighted straw as when she tips it up to drink it still works as the weight falls to the top of the cup which i think is a great idea. She thinks that the weight inside is a toy and she loves to shake it about. The only downside I can think of are the handles on either side of the cup as because of these it won’t fit in the bottle pockets of my changing bag so we just use it at home. I don’t mind this, I also recommend purchasing the Straws and Brush Set alongside the cup as you will get so much more life out of it. To be honest I’ve stopped buying  straw cups due to them being so hard to clean as I was always throwing them away due to mold. This set now stops that as the tiny brushes clean all the way up the straw and you also get replacement straws so i’m really happy about that.

What I Love About The Set –

  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • The plate is made from bamboo fibre making it biodegradable.
  • The straw is weighted making it easier to drink from.
  • The whole set feels great quality and it’s very lightweight.
  • The plate can be stuck down to the table
  • The bowls are non slip.
  • The set is dishwasher safe.
  • It’s very cute
  • The plate helps to make mealtimes more fun and encourages my daughter to eat her food.
  • The drink is leak proof.
  • I love the additional straw and brush set lengthening the life of the cup by a lot.
  • The lids of the bowls feel very secure so I wouldn’t worry about it opening in my bag.

Anything that I don’t like? –

  • Some people might find it expensive, I think that it is reasonably priced for the quality of the items. You can happily use the items everyday and just wash before use. I would rather have one quality piece than a couple of cheap ones. Over the past 2 years I reckon that I have easily spent £50 on sippy and straw cups from all the high street brands, each time the have let me down by getting moldy or leaking. I now use the stainless steel Klean Kanteen sippy cup when we are out and about which cost an eye watering £13 for one cup but we use it everyday so I’m definitely a more invest in one item type of person.


This set is made up of a plate, straw cup, bowls, spoons and then the straws and brush set. Prices range from £2.50-£9, you can buy them here

Disclaimer: I received this set free of charge in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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