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The Backpack Edit


Something that I think about everyday is changing bags I truly am obsessed. I feel like I need more than one to cover lots of different stages of motherhood and beyond. I like to have a small bag for quick trips out, a medium bag and also a large bag. Something that is a definite must for me is a chic backpack! Many friends say why don’t you just use a regular backpack? there are many reasons to opt for a baby changing specific one but my main reason is a bottle/drinks holder. Most toddler cups that I’ve found say that they are leak proof but I wouldn’t trust one rolling around in the bottom of my bag.

There are lots of other positives such as them being waterproof and having lots of pockets for everything. I find that they are heavy duty and made to last, just because it’s designed to be a baby changing bag doesn’t mean that that has to be it’s sole purpose or that it can’t be fashionable. Here are my picks of the most stylish changing bags out at the moment that you can use long after your baby is out of nappies. I have the Tiba + Marl Elwood backpack which I love and use a lot, especially now that my toddler prefers to walk most places being hands free is a must also where else are you going to put all that shopping? I really miss cramming everything under the pram when we nip to the shops but if she is walking I store it in my bag again leaving me hands free.

Here are my current favourites:

Fawn Design $145.99 (including UK shipping this comes to £145)

Seriously how gorgeous is this! I’ve been Instagram stalking this bag for the past year and I want one so bad. It seems to be the must have baby bag for cool mums in America and with very good reason. It’s made from faux leather and can also be worn as a messenger style bag. It’s a great unisex design and comes in a good rang of colours, for me it would be a hard decision between the black or the grey. My favourite thing about this bag that sets it apart from others is the large half moon shaped opening, it opens nice and wide so that you can see everything and access what you need quickly. The style is very unique and I just love how it looks when worn as a backpack, not to mention I’ve watched about a million YouTube reviews and packing videos for it and it gets lots of praise from US bloggers. I would love to get one shipped to the UK.

Tiba + Marl Kaspar £115

I am obsessed with my Elwood backpack but since the Kaspar came along I can’t stop eyeing up the Khaki one! I love the new interior layout of this over the Elwood and I love how it has lot’s of exterior pockets too for quick access. Also because it’s Tiba + Marl I know that the quality of this bag will be amazing and that it will last a long time even through more children. I am starting to think about when we might have a second child and what bag would last me for the long-haul and have enough space inside for the needs of 2 children. This is definitely a stylish option.

Kerikit Thor £275

The Kerikit Joy backpack has been a huge hit due to it’s stylish design, high quality leather and optional personalisation but it’s the Thor backpack that I’ve had on my mind. I love the gorgeous blush pink colour and this bag comes with tones of pockets and I know that it will be very high quality. It isn’t out until February 2017 but I’m sure that it will prove very popular.

Coco Bow Colby £149

I’ve never had a Coco Bow bag but I have watched a few YouTube videos and they look very well made and high quality. I love how this backpack can be easily used as a messenger or shoulder bag too with a quick adjustment of the straps. I also like how it has a separate removable internal bag which you can use on it’s own or remove and drop off with your baby if the Grandparents are babysitting. This bag is also made from real leather and looks gorgeous on.

One to watch

A new brand of luxury leather changing bags is due out next year called Skyrocket London and I have been obsessing over their Juno backpack style! Trust me it looks amazing, so I will keep you updated to when they get a release date. For now I recommend having a nosy at their Instagram to keep in the loop.

Do you use a baby changing backpack? – Jodie x


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