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Wigan Mum Changing Bag Awards 2016


If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that one of my main passions is changing bags! I have reviewed 12 over the past year (list and links here) so I wanted to do an end of the year round-up to let you know which are my favourites and why.

There are so many out there all different styles and prices it does feel overwhelming trying to pick the right one when so many are similar. I hope to help making choosing a changing bag an easier process. There are lot’s of leather luxury ones too which are not all of equal quality but come with an equally high price tags, so which make the cut?

I just want to say that there have been a lot of amazing looking changing bags released over the past year that I have loved the look of but haven’t had the opportunity to review, if I had then maybe they would be here in my top favourites but I can only award bags that I have physically used and reviewed.

Best Luxury

It’s no secret that the higher end luxury bags are my favourite. The ones that I’ve picked are all of very high quality and they have really gone the extra mile with the attention to detail.

  1. Jem + Bea – Amber, my favourite bag without a doubt. This medium-sized bag is my go to everyday bag and I love its numerous pockets as I always know where everything is.
  2. Tiba + Marl – Elwood, when this was released in 2015 I immediately knew that this was ‘the one’ it was the backpack of my dreams and has lived up to the hype. It’s very well made and the customer service I’ve received has been 5*.
  1. Bellamy Baby – Harriet* I can’t get over how much this bag looks like a high-end handbag, no one would be able to guess that it was a baby bag. It’s also very practical with the built-in stroller straps and the expanding sides.

Best Innovation

  1. Bax + Bay – The Cub Bag, I love the whole concept behind this bag as you can use it as a breastfeeding support pillow or as a hip support for a toddler. I also love how great the design is for baby wearing. It has a lot going on for it and I just think that the design is really clever.
  2. Pacapod – Firenze* As well as being very stylish this bag features 2 hidden pods, one for feeding and one for changing. I love how absolutely everything has its place in a Pacapod down to the cutlery. Each part of the bags has a handy tab with a picture on of what goes there. This bag is so well thought out I love it.
  3. Lassig – Neckline* I love how this bag is made from recycled plastic bottles, you would never guess as the material feels like regular material. This insides of this bag are very well thought out with lots of pockets and 2 separate insulated areas for food or milk. the thing that really stood out to me is the baby wipes pocket as it has  cut out area so you can easily access the baby wipes without having to take them out of the pocket.

Best Value

  1. Lassig – Neckline* At £109 I feel this bag gives you a lot for the money and has some features that bags double the price don’t offer. Please see above for the full description.
  2. Baby Beau – Isabelle* This bag screams luxury as it is very well made with great attention to detail. This is another bag that gives bags double the price a good run for their money. i love this bag because it looks very stylish but the thing that really stood out the most to me is the amazing accessories that it comes with. I absolutely adore the changing clutch!.
  3. Tiba + Marl – Etta Clutch, This has a lot of features for a small bag. It’s the perfect place to store all your changing needs and just pop under the pram or in your regular handbag. My favourite part of this is the removable faux fur inner changing mat that is so soft, I love how it is held in place by magnets too which give it that luxe vibe. This is definitely a great fashionable piece to use solo when out with  your baby or would be great for baby wearing too.

Best Accessories (that can be bought separately)

  1. Tiba + Marl – Cross Body Bag, this came with my Elwood backpack and I’ve used it that much I would have been happy to purchase it separately. I’ve used this many times as a regular cross body bag when I didn’t want to take a large bag  out with me. I love how it is waterproof and the perfect size for a few nappies and your mum essentials for quick trips out.
  2. Jem + Bea – Baba Pouch, this waterproof pouch is quite large but is great for storing lots of things, baby changing essentials, a change of clothes or even your babies lunch and table wear to keep the rest of your bag spill free.
  3. Pacapod Pods, I love how well thought out these are and how they can separately be attached to your pram if needed. I also love how the feeding pod has backpack straps so it doubles up as a handy toddler backpack.

The line up that you’ve all been waiting for, my ultimate favourites!

The Best of the Best

  1. Jem + Bea – Amber, I can’t fault this bag in any way, I love everything about it especially the quality. The quality of this bag for me really stands out against the others you can tell that nothing has been done cheap. I can’t wait to see what Jem + Bea release next year! I might have to try out one of their nylon bags next.
  2. Tiba + Marl – Elwood, this is the ultimate backpack for me as it works on so many levels. It’s the perfect changing bag but it can also be used for many years after as a regular backpack, it even has a laptop pocket.
  3. Bellamy Baby – Harriet* A gorgeous bag with a unique design. I find it very easy to use this bag day or night as it looks so stylish it doesn’t look out-of-place on a rare night out.
  4. Born In Britain – Charlton Hobo* This is one of my newer bags and I like it more than I thought I would. First of all I love the quality, the leather is lovely and soft and it’s packing lots of features not to mention 2 insulated bottle holders which is a rare find and something that would  be important as a parent of multiple children. I love the clever design with the separate baby changing area at the back of the bag. My favourite thing about this bag is the design I love the one handled hobo design as I find bags with 2 handles don’t tend to stay put over my shoulder as one flops down or the handles are just that tiny bit too small but this is very comfortable to wear over the shoulder.
  5. Lassig – Neckline* A great eco-friendly option with lots of unique features. It’s nice and light but very roomy so it would be perfect for if you had more than one child. This bag really does have room for everything and more.

This isn’t a award but a shout out to some of the bags that are on my radar for 2017. Even back in November I was getting giddy with excitement as the prospect of what new bags will be launched for Spring/Summer 2017, I can’t wait to see the new designs.

  1. Jem + Bea – Farah, I’ve been talking about this bag none stop all year so I’ve had a de-stash and saved up my Christmas money so hopefully I can purchase one early in the new year.
  2. Fawn Design, This backpack is high up on my wishlist! It is very popular in America and I would love to get one shipped over to see if it lives up to all the hype. There are hundreds of YouTube video reviews about this bag and I really love it’s unique stylish design.
  3. Jem + Bea – Mama Pouch, Another item that I have yearned after all year, hopefully in 2017 one will be mine.
  4. Skyrocket London, A new luxury changing bag brand that is due to launch in 2017, from what I’ve seen so far they look amazing!.
  5. I would also like to review some new brands that I’ve never used before so watch this space for 2017.

I would love to know what your favourite changing bag is or if you have any  recommendations of which bags that you would like me to review in 2017, please leave a comment in the box below – Jodie x

If you are a PR or a brand and would like me to review one of your bags then please email me at

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored or paid in anyway to do this post.. All the bags with a * at the side means that I was very kindly sent them free of charge in the past in return of a honest review. This list has been put together by myself only and all thoughts and opinions here are my own.


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