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Review: Daisy First Aid Wigan


Since becoming a parent learning first aid was one of the many things on my my very long to do list. As soon as my daughter was born I turned into this super paranoid first time mother (don’t we all?) constantly checking to see whether she was still breathing or not and that she was safe. It was my new no.1 biggest fear that she would come to harm in any way. Weaning was a very frightening stage as we did baby led weaning where she would nibble on solid foods straight away skipping the puree stage, queue lots of gagging. I was always terrified of her choking but gagging on food is how babies learn to eat, they have a further forward gag reflex than adults. I wanted to learn first aid so I would know what to do in that worse case scenario that was always playing in the back my head.

The paranoia does get easier as they get older as she is now 2.5 and I have realised that you can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and kids are going to be kids, they will run, climb and hurt themselves. Recently we had a scare as she swallowed a 5p coin, thankfully everything was OK but in that initial moment when it went down I was in full on panic mode and the first thought in my mind was to ring 999 but she wasn’t actually choking she just gagged a bit and then swallowed it. It did come out naturally but in that situation I felt useless, my husband managed to kept his cool and in the past when she has been actually choking he has been the one to step in calmly and hit her on the back. I wanted to not be the one to panic but the realisation that I didn’t know what to do dawned on me and thankfully at the perfect time Daisy First Aid Wigan contacted me asking if I would like to join them on a local First Aid Class. I immediately jumped at the chance as it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, I wish that I would have put it higher up on my priority list.

What is Daisy First Aid?

Daisy First Aid is run all over the Country by many highly trained professionals, in Wigan it is run by the lovely Nina who is a paediatric nurse with over 16 years of experience. Nina is also a parent herself so she can bring that personal knowledge and understanding too.

Daisy First Aid are different from many other companies who offer first aid as they will actually come to your own house or workplace and teach you there, it can just be yourself and your partner or you can get a group of friends around and make a fun night of it. Learning child first aid isn’t just for parents it can be for nannies, grandparents, school teachers etc. Nina even offers professional EYFS training which complies with Ofsted or basic first aid taught to children too.

If you don’t want Nina coming to you she also puts on local group classes, the one I attended was at the Leigh Tesco store in their Community Room (I didn’t know these existed but they are great!). The price is £25 per head for a 2.5 hour class which covers lots of important topics. The time flew buy, I thought that 2.5 hours might have felt like a long time but it really didn’t. It was very casual and relaxed, everyone got to ask lots of questions whenever they wanted and it was a very friendly atmosphere. One of the best things about it was being able to have a go at things for myself such as learning the recovery position on a adult or baby and learning CPR, there was also no pressure to join if you didn’t want to but I feel that I learn better buy doing rather than just listening. I was very surprised by how physically hard and exhausting giving CPR is. The adult dummies would click if you pushed hard enough but I struggled to get mine to click at all and having to keep doing that until a ambulance comes (which is a average of 8 minutes) seemed impossible in my eyes as it is very hard work. I’m sure that in emergency situations you get that bit of extra strength from adrenaline so hopefully I will be fine if a real life situation did arise.


One of the main things I wanted to learn going into the lesson was how different treatment is for babies, children and adults and when you differentiate between them. With my daughter being 2.5 I didn’t want to do the wrong moves but Nina put my mind at rest and I left feeling full of knowledge but the main thing I have gained from this class is confidence. If anything was to occur I don’t think that I would be that big panicking mess anymore, I would know what to do straight away and the knowledge isn’t just for my own family I might need it out in public one day you never know.

Also don’t be fooled into thinking that the first aid class you took 10 years ago is still relevant because it’s probably not. I was surprised at how much the guidelines have changed since I learned basic first aid in school. They are constantly changing so if you haven’t done one in a while it’s best to get your mind refreshed. If you are worried about finding time or finding childcare for your baby don’t worry babies up to 12 months are welcome to attend Daisy First Aid classes and you can arrange for the class to be taught in your own home at your convenience.

I honestly can’t think of any negatives about my experience at all and I would highly recommend it to anyone, I feel a lot better in myself now that I have that life saving knowledge locked away in my brain. It isn’t just CPR that the class covers it covers lot’s of topics such as meningitis, fractures and burns etc. At the end of class you can buy a more in depth book for £5 and a first aid kit for £15. I really liked the first aid kits as they are more tailored to children than the ones that you can buy on the high street as they feature fun plasters and stickers.


If you are interested in booking in the Wigan area or you would like some more information please contact Nina here

To find a course local to your area please click here

Disclaimer: I was very kindly offered this first aid course free of charge in return for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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