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Review: Children’s Art Galleries

Sophia is at the age where she is just getting into into drawing and painting, we go to a couple of baby groups per week and she gets excited whenever they have crafts on as she loves joining in.

The question is where do you store your child’s artwork? We have a couple of pieces on the fridge and you could buy a large folder to store it all in which is a good idea but then where do you store the folder?. I find that her Grandparents and Great Grandparents want artwork for their fridges too which is understandable so we don’t usually have much to store away. Children’s Art Galleries is great new place to store your child’s art work, it’s a online platform to store a digital copy in your child’s own gallery, so their art can be all stored all in one place. Its also fun to look back at and get inspiration from other children’s art galleries too.



We have just started using it this week and I found it very easy to use, the website looks really nice and professional and it has a lot of positives which are:

  • You get to keep the copyright of your own images unlike Facebook or Instagram who have the rights to distribute any images that you upload.
  • It’s very safe and secure. Unlike social media you can’t talk with any other user so you don’t have to worry about strangers trying to contact your child.
  • All images have to be approved before being published to make sure that everything on the site is age appropriate.
  • You can buy a book of your favourite images.
  • You can have galleries for more than one child.
  • The price is £3 per year which I feel is great for the service that you get and at less than 1p per day it’s amazing value.
  • You can search through the galleries together and get inspiration from other children’s artwork, as if you stored art on Instagram or Facebook it would be very easy to get distracted looking at something else on there where as this is just children’s art.

A subscription to this service starts at £3 per year for one child. I really like the idea of this service as I haven’t seen anything out there that offers anything similar. 

For more information about Children’s Art Galleries please click here.

Disclaimer: We were offered 1 years free service in return for an honest review we also got gifted a arts and crafts box to get us started. As always all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Children’s Art Galleries

  1. I really love this idea, especially the part about being able to browse other galleries to get inspiration for more art projects. I still think I’d find it hard to part with the physical copies of the art work though! x #TriedTested


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